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126 Chap. 3 5. c/4n Expjirion Capon the Book of J o s. Verf. 15, led in the breafl of God againft ungodlymen, and againfl them only as living and dying without repentance, in their ungodli- nefs. fob a godly man, was vifited in the former, not in this lat- ter anger. Yet for the fuller anfwer to this query,as it concerns Jobs care, I conceive Eliha fpeaks with the higheft and hardeft towards him.For though it be truth,tha- the Lord difcovers,as was [hew- ed before, a fatherly anger towards his children when he chaflen- eth them for their fin, yet he chafleneth themmore, or rather, in love than in anger ; Aswhom be loves, he rebukes and chaflexs, ,( Rev. 3. 19. ) fo he chaflens and rebukes them in love. And as for Job, whom God dearly loved , it is cleare from the firfl and fecond Chapters of this Book, that God offered him not for any fpecial fin, or wayof finning, but for his tryal,and to fer him up as agreat pattern of patience to all fucceeding generations. Or we may fay that God afflieted fob, not becaufe of anyprovocation which be had givenhim, but at Satans inflance and provocation, (Chap. 2. 3.) All that canbe faid for Elihtls help in faying that God vifited him in anger, is only this, That though Job had not provoked the Lord tovifit him in anger when he began to vifit him , yet force impatient andover-bold fpeeches of his, or that liberty of fpeech which he took in expoflulating and-almoll con-. telling with God about his affli&ions, might caufe him to vifit him in Inch anger as bath been fet forth in anfwer to the query. And now becatefe it is not becaufe the Lord mifTeth thofe aéts of grace, truft and patience, which thy cafe calleth (Flee to the exercife of , lie hathvifited tohis anger ; and what followerh ? 'Yet be kno weth it not ingreat extremity, Etasonadver- Ebbs teems to have fpoken this turning himfelf to the tom- tit d auti pany, and complaining to them of Tabs infenfiblenefs;Ter he know- valde, i.e, tli- eth net, &c. hit daferevit Some refer this claufe of theverfe toGod alfo, He bath vifited (fc: doue) quad i>n his anger, and taketh no notice of thegreat increafe, or of that non vfnaret, e- which is greatly increafed ; that is, God hath (pared nothing from tiamfaearevi. hisvifitatior. although the party vifited were never fomuchgrie- tarsss rnagis , . b déleret. Nam ved or damnified in the lofs and fpoyle of his all.There was a ne- reeef-aera mi. ceflity ( faith this Author) that he who was vifited ihouid be fo fitart:mira-tan' toucht as to be fenfible of the firoake ; which could not be,unlefs the