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t zS Chap. 3 5. an Expofition upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. 15. nor its part as it fhould ; nor Both he know the anger of God in this viiitation ; that is, he knoweth not,nor confidereth, the fcope andmeaning of God in this angry àifpenfation. Tot heknoweth it not In great extremity. gl Pal -1i"t The word f,gnifieth any kind of encreafe ( Mal. 4. a. ) 7key Mu'tiiudo, fhalt goforth, and grow up as,iihe Calves of the Stall. So 'cis vied mui:um PD?nJ (jcr. 50. i a. ) Becaufe ye aregrownfat, we put in the Margin, o;eurrie in big or corpulent. ( Lev. r 3. 5.) IF the Plague ( of Leprofie he Targ:Guerdim p i hebraifino. means ) encreafe, grow great,and fpread it felt, then &c. Fobs af- Wierc. fli&ion was a great one at 6rfl, and it grew greater"afcerwards : Fie was ingreat extremity, or in extremities ; of what ? in great extremity, Firfl, of lofs andpoverty in his Elate ; Secondly, of pain and torment in his Body ; Thirdly, of grief and anguifir in his Soul : In all thefe he fuffered, and fuffered extreamly, or in great extremity. Mr. Broughton renders, Eecaufe fob knoweth not thisgreat plenty, namely, of forrows, which compats him about. This was the cenfure of Elihn upon job, and job had given Elihu toomuch ground for thiscenfure. Though fobs Faith and trufl were flronaly at work fomtimes, yet they did not alwayes continue their work in the fame degree or flrength : and while he often complained in his extremity, that God dealt with him as with an enemy, he did not well confider what that anger of God was, inwhich he vifited him, during the time of that great ex- tremity : Yet be knoweth it not ingreat extremity. As this not knowing is referred to his weaknefs in aging his Graces ; now, it is notfo, yet he knoweth it not ; Note ; agodlyman is not alwayes fenfible of his defeltsandfailings in grace. As Tome have lit le or no Grace, who yet conceit they have much ( Rev. 3. 17.) Thou fayeft,I amrich, and encreafed in goods, and have need of nothing, and knoweft not that thon art:wretched and miferable,andpoor, and naked. Soothers who have grace, yea, much grace in the habit (as job had ) may be very inferfible how little it a&s, yea they may fuppofe it atés much, when the aaings of it are intermitted o: extreamly fupprelfed by pall-ion and