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Chap. 3 q. Expof:tiors upon the Boali #f j p B. Verf. 'I ç. 3 I Church of the 'ewer in Babylon, to fearch and try their woes, ( Lam.3.4t..) that is, to confider why it was fo with them, what was the caufe of their captivity. Till we fir down and make difi- gent fearch, why we are vifited, why any affleionor calamity is upon our Perlons and Families, or upon the Kingdomesand Na- tions refpe&ively where we live, we knowneither the day of our vifitation, nor what our vifcation is. Then only we know Gods vifitation, When we are fled) ing the caufes of it ; To know a thirg Sore eft per is to know it in the caufes of :t. caufa ;, :re. Secondly, They may, be laid to know the vifitation of the Lord, that are fludying, as the caufe which they havegiven, fo the ends and purpoles whichGod bath in vititing them ; for how much fo- ever we findand fee the caufes of an aGfli&ion, yet till our hearts aredrawn out to anfwer theends of it, we do not trulyknow ir. But you will fay, what are the ufi,al ends which the Lordbath . in affliBeing his people ? I anfwer,Firfl,to turn them from. fin; Secondly, ro unglew and wean them from the world ; Thirdly,that theymay live nearer co, or more with him ; Foul thly,that they may live more unmo him, or (wit+ takes in both the latter ends) that they mayenjoy himmore while they live,&honourhimmore with their lives.Now(I fay)_ill we are upon this kind of Rudy, both of the caufes of our vifitation, and the ends of it,&beg that we may both remove thofecaufes,& comply with or anfwer chofe ends, we may be Paid not toknow the vifitation of theLord, though it be,and we are, ingreat extre'- mity. Andif this be toknow the vifitationof God, furely many are perishing and finking under the hand of his vifitation, who ,yet know it nor. HowmanyAre there, who neither endeavour to fearch out the caufes, nor to fulfil the en is for which the Lord vi- liteth them in his anger ! I conceive this affertion, or fup}ofition at leafl of Elihu's concerningrob, bo, h as tohisnot true ing God in his affliaion, and not knowing his vifitation, was, though in part true, and occafon'd on Tobs parr, yet over-harfh and fevere : nor was the inferencewhichhe made ftom it in the, nexc'verfe, Ids fevere andharfh. Are.:f. i 6. Therefore doth Tob openhis monthin va'n, he mul tiplyethword; without ks^wledge. S 2 Here's