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c.nap. 3 5. Ain cxpaputon upon the took or Jo B. Val. 2. 5 Iammuch perfundedyou cannot judgeotherwife in this using than I do ; There is fo much truth and reajon in what Ifay, that you can- not bratfay fo too. The fame Apoftle fpeaks again in a like forme about womens praying uncovered ; Judge inyourfclves,is it come- ly that a woman prayunto God uncovered{ I Cor. t I. I ;. ) As if he had faid, /do not flandwholly to myown judgement in this cafe of confcience,Idare refer it toyou, andRand to yours.Thus in many elrings we may appeal unto the Confciences of thofe we deal with; & no doubt the Confcience is often fatisfiedwhile theWill flands out : Men of much underflanding will difFute, when Confcience bath nothing to fay ; Tea forte willfor their own ends argue that to beright, which (in their Confciences ) they da not think to be fo. ThinkeJt thou this to be right.? Thou hail faid it , but doll thou think it ? I trow not. Obferve, Secondly. There is a Light within tea that will Ebert tee what's amfi, er not right. Eliha dotfi not dire& Job immediately to the Word, (though that's the autho:itative and authentick Rule ) but ro his heart ; thou haft a Light in thy felf, whereby thou mayeti fee that this is not right. Thus the Apo(ile, (t Cor. 11. 14, r 5. ) Doti, not even Nature it feif teachyou, that if a cuan have long haire, it us a (home untohim ? but ifa woman have long haire, it is aglory to her, for her haire is given her for a covering. The Light which every man huh in himwill Phew this. Again, the Apofiie ( Rom. 2. 14, a 5.) proveth that the old Gentiles had a light of Nature in thein, which (heated them many things amifs. ihushe, argueth ; For when theGentiles that have not the Law,do by Mature thethings con- tained in the Law, (theydo them by Narure,that is,hy the Light of Nature, which (hews them to do chele things., that is, it thew eih,them that they ought to be done, and they do them as ro the eutNard a&ion,by that Light;)thefe hav ng not the Law(c bat is,the writtenWord,publifbed to them in that formaliry,which the peo- ple of God have, thefe having not the Law)are a Law unto them- ¡elves ;which (hew the work,ofthe Law written in their h, earts, their Confcience alfo bearing witnefs, and their thoughts the mean while .aaccufng, or elfe excufin,gg one another. This Light (hewed rhofe Gentiles fo far what co do according to theLaw,as.left.themwith, O:lt.