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t S o Chap. 36. an Expofttioo ou the Book'of o B. Verf. 3. Hence Note Farts, God i.e the Makerof uran ®. L (hall not flay upon that. Secondly, In that he holds himfelf engag'd to (land up for God as his Maker, Note, The Common benefits of God toman, fhould be ac(¿,nowledged,anr he honoured for them. God hath mademan and beat+, and he preCerves man and bea(L. A godly man fees peculiar mercy tohim in both, though they be commonmercies. Generalmerciesfhouldhave, they highly deferve, fpecial remembrances. All the works of God are CO be looks to as perfonal engagements. God hath made others as well as thee, yet fo remember him to be thy Maker, as ifbehadmade none but -thee ; andindeed every one that ismade, is as much beholding to God, as if he alone hadbeen made. As fome things which are made in common for all men ( the Sun,the Air,&c.) are fo made, that nomancould have moreof them thanhe hath,if theyhad been made for him only : So though it be common to all men,that God is their Maker, yet no man could have more in his making,if none hadbeén made but he. One of the Ancients reprefents all the Creaturesoffering themfelves to man, in general, and (-peaking ccipe, thefe three words : Fir(, Receive us cheerfully,for we were made Redde, for thee ; Secondly, Render thanksfor us daily, for we areall made Cave. ufeful unto thee ; Thirdly, Takeheed you do not abufe us, for you mull give anaccount to our Maker and yours, h©w you have ufed us. And Purely, as we fhould (rive tohonour God for all things" which he hathmade, fomofily for our own making. The Lord is often (in the Old Tefiament efpecially) fpoken of under this Relation (Pfal. 1 a1. a.) Our help flandeth in the Nameof the Lord, troho made Heaven and Earth. ( SoPfal.i 24.8. Pfal. 95.6. Pfal,146.6.) Srill God is remembred as the Maker of all things; and he is thusremenmbred, not only in oppofitionto Idols,or falfe gods, who aregods made by man, not the makers of man , but God is thus remembred and recorded in. Scripture, to preferve a grateful tnetnory of GodinTan, as he is the Makerof man. He that forgets'God as his Maker, will never remember, much lets anfwer