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t ç2 Verf. 3 : an Expojitianupon the Boob of J o B. Chap. 36. any earthly Judge, though Supream, or moll Superiour, ,fhould to n afide the right of a man, how inferiour foever ; for, as the 36th verfe bath it, Tofa6vert a man inhis Caufe, thhe Lord approv eth not ; or, as the Hebrew is rendred, fetch not, that is, he feeds it not with approbation, but indeed with detetlation, and will fe- veretypunifth fuch fubverters ofJuilice. Secondly,lt is impale that he who bath made us fhould wrong or injure us, upon the principle of his Soveraignty over all chofewhom he bath made. He that gives all men their being, he that gives all to all men that are in being, can be unrighteous to no man, whatfoever he rake th from him, or doth with him. We have job in the beginning of this Book ( Chap. t. aa.^)' afcribing righteou nefs toGod his Ma- ker upon this reafon, or principle, The Lord bath given, and the Lord kath taken away ; blefed be the '2\(4»$Cof the ,L,74. It is he 4 that made me a man, its he whoonce made me a rich man,a great mar, ihegreateff manof all the men of the Eaf, ( t. 3. ) What if nowhe bath leffened me, and left me lit: le or nothing ? what if he bath nowmade me a mean man,a poor mar(in accoun' ) a noman ? what if God hash now tlript me naked, and taken all fromme ? He bath taken nothingbut what he gave ; why then fhould I take it ill at his hands, or have fo much as an ill thought of him ? the Lord gives, and the Lord takes ; there's no unrigh- teoufnefs in all this. If God fhould utterly undoe us,he doth us no wrong;ifie íhould ask were, unmake us,let us confider be is our Maker,& thenwe mufl: fay,there is nounrighteoufnefs inhim,yea we (hall be ready (with Elihu in the Text) to afcribe righteouf- nefs unto him. And therefore, as a Corollary from thewhole, Note, Fifthly ; 3yhrttfoever God doth with us, or others, we ought to maintain the honour of god, and retaingood thoughts ofhem, both as righteous andgood. Though Heaven and Earth be moved, though the World be full ofconfufion and unrighteoufnefs, yet wemuff afcribe righte- oufneffe to God. Whatfoeveror whofoever falls to the duff, the Honour and Juftice of God muff not. Thus far of Elihu's third Argument for attention ; the Fourth is at hand in the next verfe. Verf.