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Chap. 35. enEtpofition upon the Boo(of J O B. Verf. 2. And if God were fo wroth with the Gentiles for not answering the common Light of Nature, no marvel ifhe fpake fodreadfully againft chore that refufe and oppofe the Light of themoil glorious Gospel (3ohn 3. 19.) This os the condemnation , that light is come into the world, and men loved darkneffe rather than light, brcasafe their deeds were evil. Not toanfrver the Light of CÀn[cience with- in us rightly informed, much morenot to cbey the Light of the Gofpel without us,lcavesus under condemnacion.The Light with- in man will thew him very much what he ought to do, and judge him for not doing it. ThistkefJ thou'tbis to be right ? Dub the Principle planted in thee comply with this Politton? But what was it that Elihuputs the .C. ueflion about ? You have it in the dole of the verfe ; 7bat thoufaidff, My righteaufneffe is more thanGods ; Or according to the firilneffe of the Hebrew,Myrigbteoufnefs is before Gods. The Prepofitionhere ufed is often takencompara- tively,, and hach the fame fignification with that ( Math. i t. z 9.) where Chris faith (as we tranflate) wifdemeisjuflified ofher Children; that is, Chrifl,.or the Doarine of the Gofpel, the Di- vine Lightthat chines there, is juflified, that is approved and de- clared jufi, by all who are her Childrenindeed, boros not of blood, nor of thewillofthe fleflo, nor ofthewill ofman, but ofGod. This is a good and profitable fence. Though firangers do nor, will not jat[lifie Wifdome, yet her Childrendo and will. Nevercheleffe that comparative tranflation,and reading,which tome contendfor, carrieth in itaclear truth alto, and ferves to illuí'crace this Text in yob, now under-hand. Wifdame itjujhfied more thanher children, cr rather than her children, or before herchildren. That is, more, rather,and before theScribes and Pharifees ,who .pretended high- ly, that they were the children,, yea thechief, if not the only chil- drenof Wifdome ; and while they made this boats, they really re tilled and oppofed Jefus Chrifl, who iswifdòme,and inwhom are hid all the treafnres of n+ifdome And therefore how much fo- ever the Scribes and Pharifees flattered themfelves in their own opinion, or were applauded, andpreferredby others, as children ofwifdome, or as very wifemen ; yet Jefus Chrifi thetrue Wif- dome, was jufiified byGod, and all good men more than they, or before, yea infinitely before them; hewas juf}ified fully, but they