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170 Chap. 36. an Expoftion upon the Boekof J o . Vert'. 5, might very well move E-lihu tofpeak thus untohi al ; though God be mighty, yet hedefp, f th not the cf ffitled, or the poor. yob laid ( Ch tp. to. 3. ) It it good to thee that thou (houldfl opprefs, that thou (hotaldfl defpife the work,of cloy hands, and fhrne upon the Court- fell ofthewicked ? As if he had laid to God, Thou feeanefl to defpife me, the work ofthy hand, now that Iam psor,lou', and reduced, as it were, to dolt, Again (Chap. ag. 7.) we have neer the fame I '.nguage , Behold, Icry our ofwrong, but I am not heard, I cry aloud, but there as no Judgment. As much as to fay, l am defpifed and negte&eel, I am not rega:ded when I cry.. This Elihu takes off in the preterit Texr, Behold,CÇod ï,tmightyaond defptfeth notany; he defpileth not the affli &ed, nor tfie poor, `when they cryunto, and call uponhim ; and therefore in this, O Job, thou hall mil- behaved thy feJI, or fpoken amifs. But which -foever of thefe fupplements we take, the fenfe is good, and the Propofition trne, hedefpifeth not ; what will he not defpife ? we fay, not any; a fecund, hisown ; a third, the Jug ; a fourth, the Innocent ;a fifth, theof il`Fed (there is a iixth,which I fhalloffer before I part with thefe words) All thefe are true, God defili feth not. Hence Note ; Firfi, Though the Lord be infinitely moremighty than the mtghtieff of men, yet he doth not defpife any man ; He doth not defpife man in general, who is the work of his hand ; yea, fob laid once (Chap. 14. i ç.) Thou wilt have a ¿e- fire to the workpf thy hand. The Lord Both not defpife any of his works, as they are hisworks,or as they come out of his hand ; and therefore when Jonah feemed to fet fo low a rate upon the Nini- vites, who were the work of his hand, his Creatures, the Lord re- proved him for it, by the Gourd, which when the Lord furore, Jonahwas angry ; but Paid the Lord, Deft thou well to be angry for thy Gourd ? Haft thou mercy upon a Gourd, and fhoul.d not I fpare this City , wherein are more than fix fcore thoufand perlons, that know not their right hand from their left, and alto much Cattle? The Lord did not defpife, but pity them. Go through all the forts of men, the Lord defpifeth none ; the Lord defpifethnot great men,becaufe great ( which will come to a fur- ther confideration, upon another Tranflation of the Text) nor mean;