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Chap. 3 S. an Expoftion .apon the Bookof J o H. Verf. 4. Z t J OB, Chap. 35. Verf. 4, 5, 6, 7,8. 4. I will anfwer thee, and thy Companions av ;th thee. 5. Loeb unto the Heavens, and fee, andbehold the Clouds which are higher than thou. 6. If thoufinneft, what doff thou againfi bim or if thy tranfgreffions be maltrplyed, what doff thou unto him ? 7. Ifthou be righteous, whatgivefi thsu him ? or what receivetb he of thine hand 8. Thy wiclkedneft may hurt a man as thou art, and thy righteoufnefImayprofit thefon ofmare. THe former Context contained the Charge which Elihtt brought again job, that he (Mould fay, His righreorsfnefs was more than Gods , and that it wonld be no profit to him, ifhe woe cleaxfedfrom hisfin. In the Context cf thefe five Vetfcs, Elihu gives anfwer to thofe (had Jib poftively and ptirpofety laid, or afferted them) blafphemous fayings, or of ertionr. And we have here Fir(+, The promi.eor overture of an anfwer, at the 4thverfe, I /wilt anfwer thee,and thyCompanions with thee. Secondly, We have the anfwer it felf laid down in the ith, 6th, 7th, and 8th verfcs ; which anfwer confi(ls in three pani- culars. Firfl, That God cannot be hurt or endammag'd by our fin ; at the 6thverle. Secondly, That Godcan have nobenefit or advantage by our righteoufnefs ; at the 7th verte. Thirdly, That both yob himfelf, and other men like himfelfe may, yea (hall certainly have hurt and dammage by their fin, as altobenefit or advantage by their righteoufnefs, verf. 8th. Thus Elihs's anfwer obviates p6'spaflionate queflion at the 3d verfe, what pr(fit fhalt Ihave, ifI be cleanfed from my fn ? As if Elihuhad Paid, /know that neither thyfns can do any hart to God, nor can thy rilhteoafneffe do himAnygood ; but thyfns may hart