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Chap, 35, anExpofition ripen the Bookof j O iv. Vcrf. 6. 3' fir :mg labour and endeavour, as the former did , but cun- ning in labour, and skill in labour. As if he had Paid, Though a man Jet all his wits awork to do evil , what can he do to him e Neither painsnor skill, neither indufiry nor policy, neither open force nor fecrerflratageros, cando him any,the leafp annoyance, Some Creatures are weak and inconfiderable, as to any thing they can doby outward power, yet they can do much by their fubtil- ty, and cunning; but neither the one, nor the other can do any thing untoGod. Scrue up thy wits to the higheft pin, or peg, yet thou cad} donothing reallyprejudicial unto him. The words are plain; from them Obferve, Firfl, Cod receives no dammage by the firs of man, how great, or bore many foeverhis fin: are. A manmay quickly vex and undo himfelf by fin. Wifdome faith (Troy. S. 36.) Hethatfnneth againfl me,wrongeth bis own foul: all thej that hate me, love death. But the fanner cannot hurt God, he is Ear aboveus ; man can no more hurt God by fin, thanhe can hurt theClouds, or the higheft Heavens. Had wean enemy above the Clouds, were it nor amadneffe to (hoot arrows, or bend our forces againfi him ? What is man to God ! The School-man concludes, Nothing can be added to,nothing can hedi- PeraSumherd mini(hed, nothing taken fromGod by any ail of man : Yet man, aQ o Deonihi1 much as in him lyes, takes away from, and gives or brings to God, P of deperi when he either peeps, or doth not keep that order which god kath re; Sed tarnen appointed. Sinners (hall be judged and dealt with, as they that bono to quan- have greatlyannoyed and difadvanraged God, as they that have tt'miajeeff,a- rob'd and fpoyl'd him, as they that have fmitren and wounded h tDelf,,bvIes him, as they that have abated him, and laid him low : And them exbibet, cum is reafon they fhould be judged as having done fo, forafmuch as f rear vet they do their utmoft to do io. Thus they are defcribed (Pfal. a. nonfervi ordi- a, a.) The Heathen rage, and the People imagine a vain thing. Injirttrr,De- TheKings of the Earthfa themfelvcs, and the Rulers,&c. And why Again, i. all this ? what was it for ? It wit," againfl the Lord, and againft hpi 2.e1æ, q, ar. . nointed. This was doneby the Princes andGreat Ones of the Art. 4. M world ; yet they were fo far from being able to prejudice the 1rimm Lord, either in his Perron, or in his Intereft, that hedid but laugh at them for it. And 'cis confidcrable that God is defcribed there, `according