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, t;aat., 3,6 Chap. 3 s tJ%n Expoftion upox the &ok of J o s. Verf.6, above the reach of any mifchief that fin or (inners cando him, yet upon tryal They will be found guilty of, and caft for doing much, and that very miictricvoullyagainfl God. And therefore Foraniwer to the Objcdtion,know, The glory of God may be confideed two wayes ; Fi:fi, In it felt'. Secondly, In its ma- nifefiar ions :0-,we may confider God,FirUU, In his Elfential glory and bleifedneife; Secondly, In his mantfeflativeglory and blefled- nefle. The Glory and Majetly of God in it felf, or his Effential Glory is alwayes the fame, and receives neither encreafe nor diminution ; for 'cis infinite and perfeel, or infinitely perfea; and that's the definitionof Perfeaian, or defined perfeéìion, to which nothing canbe added, and from which nothing can be ta- ken. So then, Confider God in himfelf, and 'Cis true, our fins are nothing to him, they hurt him nomore than the Starres are hurt by throwing penes intothe Ayre at them, or the Sun is hurt by eatingDarts up at it, or the Moon is hurt by the barking of Dog; at it ; we can no more hurt or hinder thaigood or glory of God byour fins, than Sun, Moon and Starres in Heaven, are hurt or hindred in their Courte, by fuch angry affaults from Earth. But Secondly, Confider the manifeflations of the glory of God, . and this is hindred, or damaged by fin. That's the meaning of all thole Scriptures , where 'tis laid, bisnarneis prophatned,difhenour Sd, blafphemed ; the prefent mtnifeflations of his glory, which fhould break out everywhere, are clouded and eclipfed by fin. And this, their fins do efpecially who rofeffe his name. Profef- fors are oblieged where-ever they come, to hold out the favour and excellency of his name : And therefore God will deal with knowing fanners , as with thole that hurt and wound him, as with tho`.'e that have grieved andbroken him,* wi h thofewho have burdened and troubled him , yea, as with thofe who would de- Motto re, Elroy him. Sin is an enemy to Go-', and would dethrone and carat Deicidi- thrufi himour of the world ; therefore fanners (hall be dealt with ura appetens as fuch as have highly hurt and wrongedGod. Sinners have Cc Deura de- fomerimes rifen up to fuchexprefl'Eons of wickedneffe, that they Priam. would even pull God out of Heaven ; it is in the natureof eve- ryfin, and in the fpirit of many ¡inners to do fo , they carry a day- ly enmity in theirhearts. There-