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Chap. 3 S. vinExpofstionupon the Book of J o B. Verf. 7. where David praifeth the Lord for the offering and gift which he himfelf and his people had brought towards the building of the Temple; And he defired that his offerings might be accepted of the Lord, not fo much as they weregiven by his hand, as becaufe they and the heart to give them,were received from the hand of God.whercfere David bleffed the Lordbefore all the. Congregation, andfaid, Bleffed be thouLord Clod ofIfrael our Father, for ever and ever , for all thatis in Heaven and in Earth is thine ; thine is the Kingdome, OLord, and thouart exaltedas head aboveall. And,now therefore, OGod, we thankjhee, andpraife thy. glorious Name; Bat whoam I, and what is my people , that we fhould be able to offer fo - willingly after thisfort ; for all things come ofthee, andof thy aten have we given thee. And againat the 1 6thverle ; All this fore cometh of thee, and all is thineown. We cannot be faid properly to give another that which is his own already ; whatever God receives of us, came from himfelf : And as whatfoever we give comes fromGod, fo every a6lionor duty which we perform,: to God, comes from God ; he bellows the power to do upon us, before we can do any thing, and thereforek cannot be any addi- tion unto him. There are twoGraces, which we exercife, very pleating to God; firtf, Faith ; fecondly, Charity ; yet neith er of there contribute any thing to God.Faith is fo far from giving God any thing, that its whole work lyeth in receiving ; And though charity be a giving grace, yet it gives toman only, not to God,. So then, what doth God receive of man ? .Curdy nothing but his own. David enquires (Pfal. r 16. I 2.) &hat fhall 1 return to the Lordfor all hisbenefits? Mark that word, return ; the Hebrew Text may be thus rendted;&hatMall I make to return to the Lord of all his rendrings, or contribrdtions unto rrte ; As if he had faid, Lord I have received abundance from thee, thou hall payd or re- compencedme fully for all my paines, and I am looking over it all, and confidering what of it I (ball return to thee; it is all thine own, and nowLord what (ball I return of it bask again ro thee ? What he received was rerurned,if not in kind,yet in effe&t,and the retu: n of that was but his duty, it could not be his deferr. Chrill indeedmerited and fatisfied, becaufe he giveof his own, and as God-man wrought all righteoufnefs for us in his own firergth. Thirdly, The Lord receives nothingat our hands,for he is full' already. We can put no more into a full veffel ; if there be any G'2 etrpy 43 defico, quí:t tu d orinia tua íllius font. Tus ex tun afeswi- mus obi domi- no. DruG Btim f gtori debem;ée red- deredeo curia- n.i:u, tanun da fùo reddinv4. Salvi:de Eccl: CathoL