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Chap. 3 5. an Expofition upon theBoo&o f J O B. Verf. 8. X47 improvement of our pains and,Iabours. Thefe and many other in- ferences, may be made for our inft union, from this humbling clueffion, Ifthou be righteous ,vehatgìvef? thou to him, or what recez- reth heat thy bands ? Elihte having told yob that neither his fin did hurt God, nor his righteoufnefïe advantage him,, left any fhould thence inferre,fure- ly then it isno great matter whether we be righteous or wicked, whether we do good or evil to prevent this mifchief, he thews tharthoughyour fin cannot hurt God, yet it will do hurt enough,. and though our righteoufnefs adde no good to God, yet it may do much good. This he Both in the next verfe. Verf. 8. Thy wickedneffe may hurt aman as thouart, and thy right eou ft-, etfe may profit the fog ofman. As if he had Paid, 1w71 tell thee o hat will becomeof thegood and evill thou d. eft, as to advantage or difadvantage forafmuch al thou cant? not advantageGod by thy righteooifnefe, nor hurt him by thy 'j ¿, avick,ednejfe, it mufî needsfollow, that the one maybe helpful!, and mm, nol#ro6J- the other hurtfullto thyfelf, and tofuch as thou thyfelfart :: If it no; fr m.zla, wereotherwife,. or not fo, there would be no difference between the rnßro rialo. doing of or evil, aq to the Event,, how greatly foever theydiffer in their Nature. Thy wickedneffe may hurt a man a.s thou art, only it cannot hurt God. God is asgreat and as happy as ever hewas, and he will ever be as great and as happy as now he is, let men do their wort+, and be as wicked as they can. Thy wickedneffe, &c. The word wickedneffe notes fin in the higheft degree, at lean of a high degree ; every wickedneffe is fin, but every tin is not wickedneffe ; yet we are not to underftand Elihee's meaning, as if great fins onlydid mifchiefand hurt. The truth is, .. every fin doth hurt and mifchief ; as a little poyfon, .. and the leafy poyfon may do hurt-, unlefs it be corre led. We ufe to fay of force things, A little doth not hurt ; but we cannot fay a little poyfon Both no Modicum non, burr, unleffeyou do not take it,.or unleffe it be corrected ; a little noel. poyfon uncorreaed will dohurt. So then, when Elihu faith here, Thy wickedneffe may hurt ,., we are not to underfdand it only of great fins,,as whoredome, murder, perjury, deurikennefs, and witchcrafr,..