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1. r Chap. 3.5-. E/fnExpofitidn upon the Book of J o I. Verf. 8, .txpof"tle gave command, Exercifethyfelf unto godlinefs, (follow that trade well ; why ?) for goden :err is profitable unto all things, ( I Tim. q. 8. )- it profits byvertue of the ptomife, and it hach the pronife of this life as well as of which sk to come. (Titus ;. 8. ) This is a faithfail Paying, and this Iwill that thou conffantly a-rnse, that they whichhave believed in God might be carefull to niauaas» osd. works, (why ? for ) theft things are good ,andprof- toile unto men. Some expound there words, good and profitable ontomen, chirfiy of doc`frine ;. To teachmen to followworks, that indeed is good and profitable doatine; now if it bea good and profitable doer ine to prefs men to good works, toworks of Righieoufnefs,,then Righieoufnefs it felf, and good works, mull: needs be profitable. There is fuch anexcellency in the nature of Righieoufnefs, it is fuch an honourable,, amiable, and beautifull thing in its own nature, that it isenough to draw us to,the doing of it (as fie me have laid of Verrue in general , Ifvertue could be feen, it would draw ail to theadmiration. of it fo i fay of Righie- oufnefs in fpecial, If it could beften , itwoulddraw all eyes and hearts after it ) But betides that, here is an excellent Loadflune, here isprotit,thy Righreoufnefsmay profit another ; profit draws much, it draws on all men in the world ;. where there isanypro- fit and benefit tobe had, how do men firive to trade there,. as if -.wen were to be had there ? 'now Ri;hteoufnefs is profitable ; exercife of Righieoufnefs is no poor trade, there is a great le of advantage in it ; and I might Phew youhow every work, good for the matte-, done in a right manner, and for right ends, is profitable to others, and to cur felves. To (peak a goodword, maybe a means to mïnifier grace unto the hearers; and to do a good work, of any'1ort, mintfiers a gracious example to the be- holders : by doing good,youmay draw others to do good ; tófee one walking in wayes of riahreoufnefs, invites and allures others intowayes ofrighteoufnefs ; as bad examples corrupt,fogood ex- amplesinflrue ;- as bad examples build up for hell, fo good exam- ples build up for heaven ; Tobe built or heipt on:heaven-ward, is the bell profit in the world, greater profit than the gain of the whole world. And as every goodwork minillers a good example ro the beholders , fo works of Charityminifier comfort and re- lief ro the receivers, asalfo an occafion of bleflìngGod for their benefa6ors ; yea works of Charity to others are profitable alío te.