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76 Chap. 3s. an E.11ofition upon the Bòokof- J' o s. Verf./ Do kidem fie- They who expound this context of the wicked man, who op- 14'4 umfired, preifeth the poor, give the fenfe thus ; çod teacheth ni merethan alitereo roar;eb flip_ the bulls of the earth, andmaketh cis wifrr than the fowls of hea- rum asa avnon ven.i that is,.he: teacheth us that we fhould not like beafis, vex, pore invicem. tear and rend one the other, that we fhould not like theBear of r4iamur of the Wood, and the Lyon of the Fòrreft , nor like the Vultures M.r4 and ravenous Bitds of the air, preyone upon-anoth_r They who are fierce againfi, and unmerciful to their brethren, degenerate into beaffs,.whoni God hath taught no better, but left them to live by rapine and fpoyle :Whereas he hathlaid more nobleprim ciples into the heart of man,and taught him to be kind& charita- ble, loving,and compaflìonate,not rodevonreand vextholeof-his kind, howmuch>foeverinferior and below him in degree. And therefore what a flame is it for men to be moreoppreffive and cruel to men like themfelves, thanbeafis are tobeatis,or fowls to fowls ? This is a truth yet I conceive the context is rather to be underfioodof the oppreffed, (ashath been touchedbefore) than of theóppreflor, and thereforeour reading runs moll clearly; Who teacheth !cr more than thebeafs ofthe earth,. Inc' in 47 That is, though the verybeadsof the earth, are taught fume. difeere in piel what by God, and have a kind of knowledge, yet men are taught docere fgnx- ofGod in amore eminent,tranfcendent,andnoble way,-than they,. toe. Deus net whether wild,.or tame, one or ether. Goddoth not-fet up fuch a enure &an. School for bea{is,as heloth for man, nor provide fuch inflru&ions fuetudire- dig for them, as he-doth for man ; He gives men more means of in- t-atur, quasi flru&ion, he gives themmore time-forinilruaion, he takes ( as I bKjiiat. may fay ) more pains to infirm} them, riling early, and fending his Miniflers now, as the Prophets of old, to teach his people. He every way teacheth us mare than hetut-hale the kcal)! of the earth ; Andmak.erh tei 'get than thefowls ofheaven. But what?Are th fowlsòf he air indeed with wifdome?I ana fwer,irfi, wifdome is put fometime for that inbred fubtlety, which is no more-thanan inclination-to avoyd that which is hurt- ful to nature,and ro follow thatwhich is fuirable to it. That which is wifdome indeed is theproper andpeculiar gift of God'to men and Angels only. God bathgiven fomewhat like wifdome to the. fowls