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Chag. 3 5. an Expofition*re the Boek,of J o s. Verf. x t a 79 turn,and anfwers their fiate,bya common infiinet ofnature,whìch man bath anfwerable to his Bate, either by immediate Revela- tion, or by means of inthn lion fromGod. So then, Beafis and Birds receive their peculiar qualities and abilities fromGod, as well as their Being: And God bath bellowed thofe gìialities, which are fhadows of wifdome and underflanding, upon Beafis and Birds, not only for their own prefervation,buc for the benefit ofman, that they maybe more ufeful to him, and fitter for his fervice. As God hath made both Man and Beall for himfelf,fo he bath made the Beafis of the Earth, and Fowls of the Air for Man, either to ferve mans- neceflty, or to procure his honefl delight And that they might reach both there ends, he bath furolihed them accordingly. A creature which hathnot fomwhat in is like Reafon, could be little made ufe of by the Reafon of Man, Thirdly, Note ; than isfar better magi; t, than either the Beafis ofthe Earth, ar Fowls of the Air. Man, as Man, bath that inhim, which wonderfully exceeds the. Beafis ofthe Earthand Fowls of the Air ; he bath Reafon in him, which they have not ; he is a reafonable creature, which they are nor, and focan do that which they cannot. Man, by the power of Reafon is able, firfl, to propofe CO himfelf an end in what he cloth ; fecondly, to chufe fit means for the attaining of that end ; neitherof which Beafis cando. And if any man be without wif- dome to propofe to himfelf a right end, and CO chufe due means leading thereunto, there's little difference between that man and a beat , Purely all his wifdome is but brutish: Further,_God bath I not only givenMan a fenfe of thofe things which are hurtful to him, as hebath to the Beafls of the Earth and Fowls of the Air ; but God ha,h given Man an Underhanding, by which,heknowing God,may worfhip him, by which alfo he may fee into and fore- fee the caufes of things, and likewife rightly apply known means, either to prevent or remedy evils,and to bringabout that which is good. Again, as God bath bellowed that wonderful bleffingof Reafon upon Man, above Bails and Fòwis, which makeshim ca- pableof higher inflru cions and ftu tions,_ than either of them ; fo God bath provided higher and better means for the infiru6li- on of Man, than he bath for the inftuaicn of Beafis. He teach- es', as more; For,