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Chap. 3 5 . e/rn E'xpofttian span the Bosky( J o s. Verf: i r. Fourthly , Elihu at lean intimates this Noce ; Olen fometimes aE1 but.ts,or indeedbelow, the very beaflr of the earth, and the fowls of the air : For ( faith he ) they. fay nor, Whereis God our maker, who gives ssrfangs in the night?who teacheth ss, better,or more,than the beaflr of the earth. As if he had faid , The beafls of the earth anlwer in extretnané the i+nninc't of nature,(which is all the conGad bsflows in teach- Jlult rfæ :ine, ra ing them) better than men do thole cooly teachings an i in- ineidirraasdi f: fiructions whichGod beflowsupon them by his Word, by his Spi- pientiores-tor sit, by his Miniflers, by his Ordinances, and by his Providences ; eoputemu , dui for all thefe wayes Both the Lord teach and trill-LICE men 'from f csc,tres nos day to day ; yet men often a&, not only betide and below, but quite contrary to all thefe teachings. The beansof the earth keep up to the inflru&ion which they have received, the infiincl of na- ture, they move according to that ; but manwhohash an under- (landing, dorh not alwayes move fuirably to hisunder(landing ; man bath reafon, yet he doth not alwayes regulate hia motions by reafon, but is hurried by pafïon, or led by fence, as a bean. (Ffal 49, zo. ) Man that ;s in honour, and urderftandeth not," is Like the beafis that perifh ; that is, though his Hate and fpheare be higher than a bean, yet he movesby as low a principle as a bean, even by fence, or fenfual appetite,eithèr irrafcible,or concupifci- ble,as a bean doth. By the man in honour, that underílandeth not, the Pfalmin intends not a fool that bath no under Handing, nor an Idiot that bath no ufe of reafon,but he is faid not to under- nand, becaufe he Both not ufe his underflanding ; as he in the Parable that did not ufe his Talent,is faid to have none,(34'.tt. z ç. z9.) uiderflanding is a Talent, and a great one, a choyce one too. A tnan'that hath the greaten natural undernanding and rea- fon, yea poffibly the greaten learning, and experience , may be faid,Hot to roderffand, whenhe doth not behave hintfelf under - flandingly, or according to the Lawes and Rules of rearm, Men of the ben underffanding and greaten honour are like the beans that perifh, as to t heirfrailty, that is, they dye ; which maybe the meaning of the Pfalmin at the r zth verfe, where he faith , c_AtaD being in honourakideth not, he is like the beafls that pertfh. But all men that are in honour and underhand not their du-y , or do not what they underfland, are like the beans that peri(h,as to their r1 hu- e