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1o2 Chap. 4. .flitExpofition upon the Book of J"O g. Vert; 6. we tranflate Image, is taken either for a vifible or intellectual , Image. Sometime it is taken for the form of a thing, which is ap- prehended vif.ìbly by the eye : fo in Deut,4. i 5,! 6, Tíakeye there- fore good heed to your [elves (fir ye f 114 no manner of fimilitude, in the day that the' Lord fpake unto you in Horeb, out of the middeff of the fire ) left ye corrupt your (elves, and make theftmi- litude of aoiy figure, that is, lead you make a vifible Image of the invifible God. Secondly, the fame word fignifies an Image in the mind. Thus Gód himfelfwho laid in Deuteronomy, that theyfow no fimilitude, and thereuponbad them take heed ofmakingany fimilitude,faith of Mofes, That the fimilitude of the Lordhe 'hall behold, Num.2 i. 8, The word fimilitude in Numbersis the fame for Image in the Spe£1,rï 6' vi- Text, an inteileftual Image, a reprefentation to the underflanding, jum vacant 1a- Mofes had this priviledge, The fimilitude. of Godrevealed to his tier quicquid underftanding ; but when he faith in Deut. Te had no fimilitude, corp re alparet forma licerror . the meaningis,nocorporal, no vifible fimilitude, no obled of pus nonfit, fenfe. This Image in the.Text was not intellectual, for it was be- fore his ayes. Nor was it the Image ofaSpirit grofs'd into a body, but it was a Spirit inor with the imaginary formof a body. There was ftlence, and 1 beard a voice, faying, ] That is the lath thing which the Text holds forth about thisvifion. ;1117 nun.? There was f fence.] The Hebrew thus, Silence, and I beard a Silentium voice, we fupply there was. The readings are various, yet the fence vocem,periyp, one. I heard thevoice, as it were, of ageutle gale, I heard a gale pallagen,eocem and a voice, I heard afilent murmure. Our Trsnllators put in the filentii, id eri, margine, Ihearda (till voice, which comes near to that, Iheard a vorem tacit"; filent voice (by a uCual figure) Pence and a voice,for a voiceofft- &ióubmiam fence. Ifany thould fay, thefe two are fo oppofite,that theycan- Mercer not be predicated or affirmed one ofanother. Silence is the dire& Et voceoquaff contrary to a voice, therefore to fay,there was a ( lent voice, fcem- cure levà au eth to be a contradi8ion in theadjunEtI anfwer,it is frequent to a'v affirm contraries one ofanother,in an inferiour and"remils degree. Though we cannot fa light is dark; yet we may fa this is a dark evnxaoor g Y k, Y Y Y, Sept. light; that is,a glimmering, imperfeft,obfcure light,(Zech.r4.6.) Silent murmur. The day(hall be neither clear nor dark, it (hall be, as it were, a dark Ar, Mont, light. So a low voice, may well be called a filent voice ; Iheard afilent voice, that is, I heard a low or a Rill voice fpeaking to me. Thus it Cuits well with what he faid,at the a 2.Verfe;Noty a thing ryasfecretly brought unto me, And we may further clear it by that i Kings