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04. Chap. 4. An Expefrtion upon the Boob of J O E. VerC16. gittans thus,they fpeak belchingandgafping,humming and hawing, --forte.; ducent, rather then fpeaking. Theold Poet calls this Poppifm, by which fr3ntemq; ma* word he thews, how their Idol Prophets, anfwered the deluded vats people, l their miferable Clients when they came for C©unfel. To rLe crebrum pop. which the Hebrew word Tofiphtfaph ufed by lfaiaio in the eighth pifmapetenti. Chapter before cited, is very like both in found and fenfe. Juvenal. There yet another interpretationof thefe words more proper, diurufpiccs de circo. es ors and anfwerable to our Tranflation. There was filence and Iheard 're,¡¡fono,quoà a voice, faying,1 This refers the filence to Eliphaz, as a preparati- pspifrna diritur on to his hearing the voice ; there wasfilence, that is, I flood dill futura collige and fpake never a word, but waited to hear what fhould be bant. fpoken,I was filent,andall things about me were hufht and filent too : Then I heard a voice ; and fo Junius gloffes,Being(faith he) 1Yíß continebá comptìs'd and flrengthned a little after my former fear, I attended onr ®v tó- fìlently to the Spirit, that I might hear what th auld b:e fpoken neu, unto me. We read, Rev. 8. a. that there was filence inHeavenfor halfan honre ; and Verfe 5. we readof voices and thunderings; before thofe great voyces there was great silence : ufually before great fpeaking there is great fleuce;l wasfilent,and all were hufht,then I beard a voice: filence prepears for audience. In Congregations before the Preacher begins,all hold their peace ; In Courts of ju- dice when the Judge is to fpeak,the Crier cals for filence : I t was a ufual word amongít theRites of theHeathen,Favuryour tongues, Favete Irngai+ erfpareyourfpeech, when the myfleries of their fuperflition were revealed : we may take the prefent Text in thit f.afe : that Eli pbaz fet himfelfin a filent pollute to attend the meffige which was to be revealed unto him. There was filence, aid I beard a voice, faying. If we take the former interpretation, then, for aq much as Eli- phaz after thofe tetrours and tremblings,the fhakingofhis bones, and ¡landingup of his hair, the confufed form of a ípirie, and an amazing Image before his eyes: for as much ; I fay) as after all thefe, he heares a 'fillfilent voice. We mayobferve, That God aftér terreurs ufually fends in comforts and refrefh- ings. God having terrified Elijah by a mighty ruching wind (in the vifion before noted) by an Earthquake which brake the Rocks, and by a fire : then comes ( as here in the Text) a fmall voice, a voice of filence, and God was in that voice. It is put as a principal diftinftion amongfl the Ancients, to know