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x o6 Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of f O B. Vert; 17, might have reff in theday of trouble., to which headds, when he cometh up to the people (he will invade or cut them to pieces)with his troops. As intimating, that they who will not tremble, tholl be made to tremble ; but when we a&ively labour to make our hearts tremble, or when God makes us tremble in fuck a way as this, we may build upon it, that, we (hall refl;, in the day of trou- ble, at lealt, we (hall rek in the end of that day : God never leaves his people under a Cloud: he takes off trouble, and brings in a fuccefiion of comfort, or conquers the trouble by mingling a prevailing portion of comfort with it. If we take the Text in the latter fenfe, we may note, That filence becomes man when Godfpeaks, Speak Lord (faith Samuel) for thy fervant heareth. dear O fervant, for thy Lord fpeaketh. Silence prepares the heart to learn : Pythagoras commanded his Scholars to keep filence five yeais. And thePapifls impofe fi- lence, as a part of difcipline upon their Novices. Let Superftition be avoided,and then Silence is fittefffor learners, unlefs their voyce be an enquiry after learning. That which the Apoftle fpeaks re- fpe&ing women in the Church, is trueof all in the fenfe I now fpeak cf,i Tim. 2. 12. Let the woman learn infilence,fo let the man learn in filence. There were many amongus,not long (ince,who made many teachers filent. Silenceisgood as it isa preparative to learning, but wo to that, which is a hindrance to inftrueefing. They enjoyned filence on Teachers, by which knowledge was fuppreffed : we advife f lence upon learners, that knowledge may be encreafed. JOB, Chap. 4. Verf: 17.. shall mortal man be morefull then Gods? ¡hall a man be more litre then his Matter? lN this verfe we have the Argumentit felfor the matter revea-. led in the former vifon ; There wasfilence, and1 hearda voyce laying : What that voice faid,vve have in thefe words; Shall mor- tal man be morejiff thenGod ? This is the theam or fubjed, up- on which Elipbaz argues ; and it is the mainfrropofition of the whole context, The proof of this propoftion, was given from Divine.