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itq. Chap, g, Ai'Expofition upon the Book of J O L. Verf. 17, purity which is in God.God io fo true, that all men are !jars, Rom, eajio panici- 34 So righteous,ihat all mans righteoufinefsarea filthy rag. I fa. 6q.. I,aaione iufli 6. Man, who io jull by participation from God is not juii in com- fanr,ejrr corn- passion of God. paraeíone 1ec The fifth concluflon is this, and it is the principal point which jujlifunt.t, ug. Libad orefi_ we are to receive and attend from this Text. Goci fu just, fopure uto, c. zo. in himfelf, that he neither cloth, nor can do irrong to any creature In this truth, Eliphaz aimes to in'îruc` ,fob chiefly ; for he fuppofed, that ,ob had complained of God, as if he had done him wrong, wherefore he Ipeaks reprovingly and chidingly; fhall mortal man be »pore jufi then God ? as it he thould fay, art thou fo grofs as to charge God with doing thee an injury ? It is impeflìblc that God should do any man wrong ? (de Fahio) he doth no man wrong, and, (de Feffc) he cannot wrong any man. `Ihe Power of God is Peen moll in this, that he cannot do any evil ; This impotency "(if we may fo call it) is the flrengeh of' God; yea, the omnipotency of God con(rfls in this, that he can do no wrong. We have a Maxime of fiate àmongti us, (and it is the glory of the Kings of this Nation) we fay, The King can do no wrong; but it is nor to be unclerfiood as this, God can do no wrong; we know Kings are men, and that's enough to prove they may do wrong : As to fay, the Lord is God, is enough to prove, that he cannot. Princes have a natural power to do evil, but ( which is his glory) God hath not. The meaning then is, the King hath not any civil power to do wrong ; the Law bath fo bounded, ordered and diredted him; The conititution of the Kingdom bath given him the advice ofParliaments and Counfel- lours, the afiîilance ofJudges and Officers, he Ads by others : fo that The failings of his Minifters do the Subjec`i wrong, the regal power dcth it not. But when we (peak thus of God,we mean it of his natural power, which being effentially and infinitely juft and goad as well as foveraigne and fapreame, there is not the leaft imaginable feed in him, which fhould be procreative ofthe lead in- utìice : Therefore the Scripture defcribes the Lord juft and holy, not only in his nature, but in all his works and wayes, Pfal, 045. 17. The Lord is righteous in all his wayes, andholy in all his works. And this implyes, not only that all the wayes, wherein the Lord walkes,are righteous,and the works he doth,holy : but that he can gò in no way but a righteous way, nor do any work in the crea- ture, but a work of holinefs, Not only, it that jolt andholy,which the r..