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i, 6 ' Chap, 4. ,An Expofition upon the Book of J OB. VerCt 8 nature of Angels in their creation and conflitution was fuck, as God could not troll fully unto, fuck as he fäw folly in. We may demonftrate this plainly, becaufe a great part of the Angels(and it is queftioned whether or no the greater part)but it isclear,that a great part of the Angels, a whole Regiment at leafi,proved dif- loyal, and fell together: therefore the Angelical nature (in that abttraf ed notion) is fubjed to folly and unfaithfulnefs,as well as man,although they are ofa more excellent make and contlitutióü then man. God looking upon Angels in general, law they were not to be milled the event alt. (hewing many of them (who were as good by nature as they who ftand) falling from him dif- covering their tolly and nakednefs to all the world. But it may be quetlioned yet, how there could be folly in the Angelical nature, for as much as God viewing and reviewing all the works which he had made, Taw every thingwhich he bad made, and behold it wasverygood. Ianfwer, fin i God charged them with folly comparatively, re- fpe6ing himfelf. As (a 2im.6.i6.) the Apoitle faith of God, that . be only bath immortality.; that fpeech is exclutìve,fhutting out all other creatures from a participation of Gods immortality. Yet we know Angels are immortal, Angels dye not, therefore alla. they are oppofed to men (in the next verfe to the Text) Who live inboufes of :clay, whole founditions are in the dust, and are crufb ed before the moth ; Angels are not cruthed, they dye not,yet God only is immortal ; becaufe the immortality of Angels compared with the immortality of God, is but mortality. And the realon. is this,becaufe Angels are not immortal in themfelves,or ofthem- felves, they have not original or ablolute immortality, their im- in cornparaii® mortality is dependent and derivative God only is independent fe iußirlaDsi, ly and originally immortal, and hence be only is laid to have ¡tn. jdníli in ceti tngotilu. mortality, As it is in the poynt of life, fo al fo of righteoufnefs, fí'ieffodicantur, wildom, and faithfulnefs.. God only is faithful, be only it wife, nonmihivide that's the Apo(tlesphrafe, To God only. wife Men, yea Angels, ear importune are unfaithful unwife, foolifh,cotnpared with God. He is wilèof: tie, non himfelf, and in himfelf, in hisown com afs creatures have only quiet ur bac of 9 P foot d j ftitia what they borrow or receive from him. To this fenfeone of the. long fait, fed Ancients (peaks fully, In comparifnn of thejuJfice ofGod,if the holy quiafasi funi, Angels inHeaven be calledunjuji, Ifee no hurt in the afe'tien not', Q9 Dora non Augutt. becaufe they have fallenfrom juffice, bus becaufe they are creatures,. junr. sear, aprife. and not God: All is refolved into this,, they are creatures, that's: enouuuh