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Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Booko/I Ô E. aÒ, diftempered body breeds ill humours,theydifeafes,and thefe breed death : As it was withJonas gourd, fo it is with us,we give life and fuck to a worm in our own roots,whieh fucks out our life,cau- fing our leaves to fall,and our goodly branchesfuddenly to wither. Thirdly, From that fenf, he is cruJhed before 4rflurus, ar as long as the Starscontinue, Obferve s That, as mans f}ate is frail andweak, fo it will be, the for ever of this world. Do not look that ever there drill rife up a genera- tion of men, that shall have better houfes then houles of clay, or houles tlronger built then our prefent buildings. As we are rifen up in our fathers ftead,a generation offinful men; fo we are rifen up in our fathers ikead,a generation of weakmortal men : and our children will arife in the Read of us their fathers, a generationef men,as mortal as we their fathers. Till the wholecompages and courfe ofnature be chaaged,man fhall not exchange the infirmity of his nature, He fhall never be without crufhingfackneffes, till he is above them. The fad foxy of man holds on fill, and growes yet more fads before it was cruJhing, now it is defìroying. Verfe. 20. Theyare deftroyedfront morning to evening, they perJh for ever without any regarding it. We mayunderstand the former verle of natural death, and this of cafual and violent death. DefruEtion and perifhing, import violence ; Though I conceive natural death be here all° intended. They are defiroyed from morning to evening, they pe- riJhfor ever without any regarding it, or as Mr. Broughton reads it, betweena morning and evening, they are wailedwithout any regard- ing, or without any thinkingupon it. They are deftroyed, that is, they are fubjet or liable to defiru- &tion : That phrafefrommorning to evening,notes the whole day ; wane ad ye- it isas much as to fay,theyare deftroyed conrinually,or all the day iPe'am;.ePer long;as the Apoftle (peaks out ofthe Pfal. Rom. S. 36. For thy totwndìesn fakeare we killed all the day long: The morning and the evening 6TP 'e are the partsof a natural day,Gen. a. 5. or the two terms of a di- fvelarter vil day,and thefe include and take in the full compafsof the day. diet, Draa. This fenfeteacheth us, That man is deftroyable every moment. He wafts in one fenfe, while he grows, and dies from the morn% ing of his birth and coming into the world, to the evening of his returne and goingout of the world : And not only fo,but he '55