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Chap_ 4 An Expofitionupon the boeltof J O B. Vert": 19, 157 on the Rage of the world,is a going out of the world ; his afcend- ing to the height ofhis natural perfetion,hath in it a defcent.One part ofhis life compared with another,isan increafe,but the whole in reference to his end, is a decreafe : his life is but a breathing death,life fhortning as fait as it lengthens,his life is death haflning upon him continually. A hand breadth is quickly meafured Behold(faith David, Pfal. 29. 5.) thou half made my dayes an bond breadth ; nothingneeds no time to pals it in ; mans age in it felt is but little, and comparatively it is nothing; it fallsunder no cal- culation before the faceof eternity. Mine age if nothing before thee. But though the life of man be thus fhort,and himfelf be deftroy- cd between a morning and an evening, yet death lafts long, they perifh for ever without any regarding. Theyperifhfor ever] Death it kerns is everlalling. They perifh, the word is often ufed in thisbook for the diffolurion offoul and body not for the annihilation of either, as perifhing properly im- ports : to perifh, is here but to dye; for thus, even the righteous perifh,andno man layes it to heart .lfia. 5î. a. But dothman perifh thus, dyes he tor ever ? thallthere not be Etç v:Tor ar8. a return,a refurre ion,ttrall not foul and body be reunited ? how 0r, is it laid then, they perifh or dye for ever ? For ever, is fomtime put for an infinite time, and fomtime for an indefinite time, 1 Chron, 23.25 The Lord God ofIfrael hat/o given reft unto hispeople, that they may dwellin Jerufelem for ever. And yet the Jews are now fo far tro.n dwelling in Jerufalem, that they have fcarce reff or dwelling among any people. The like fenfe offor ever, read 1 Kings 2 33. PM. 132. 12, p14. Yet further, for ever is put for the finite time of one mans life, Sam, 27. 12. He fall be my firvant for ever,, that is, as long as he lives. Pfal. 23.6. I will deve!l in the houfe of the Lordfor ever, that is, as long as I live. In the Text beforeus for ever,is as long, as this world.fails ; it notes the utmofl termof time,not (which, is without term) Eternity. Theyperifh for ever, that is, they (hall not live in this world any more ; as lob 14. 14.) If a man dye,.. pan he live again? As if he hadPaid, man can dye but once ; he cannot live again,that is,in this world ; fluff he any more return. to his houle, to his wife and children, t© his riches or honours, and, fhall he her again enjoy fetch an eftateas he had before ? That(PJal,1o 3.16)explains it fo,Asfor man his dayesare asgraft, os a flower of the fieldfo he flourifheth, for the winde.paffeth ever it