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4 - Chap. 4. An Enpofitionupon the Bookof J O B. Verf, r him, verfe 8. I mouldfeek untoG id, and unto Godwould l commit my caufe. I give time Ro other counfel then I would take any felf. III were in thycafe,' would not hand thus complaining and tur- fing my day, but this I would do, I wouldfeekuutoGod, and unto God mould commit my- caufe, This admonition is enforced by di- vers Arguments to the feventeenth verfe. The fecond head ofhis exhortation beginneth at the leventeenth verfe, and it is to prevaile with him, patiently to bear,and quietly toaccept his affliction, or the punilhment of his iniquity : in pur- fuance of this he thews himmany benefits and blcflings attending thofe who gracioufly comply wit h t he correctinghand ofGod up- on them. Behold ( faith he verfe r7) happy is the man whomGod corre.leth, therefore defpife not thou the chaftning of the Almighty ; he concludeth all frAn his certain knowledge and infallible expe- rience of whathe had laid (verfe a7.) Lo this, we have Jearched it, fo it is ; back'd with a warranty, that if he obey, his own ex- perience shall quickly teach him this truth ; Hear it, and kjtow thou itfor thygood. So much concerning the Divifionor Parts of this firfI fpecch or difpute made by Eliphaz in anfwer to the former complaint, pewred out by Job againft the day ofhis birth, and the night of Isis conception, n the third Chapter. The fix verles (lately read) contain (as I laid before) the firfi Argument: we have the Preface in the fecond verfe,and the Ar- gument it (elfin thefourfollowing. The point which Eliphaz delires th prove and clear is this that Job was guilty ofhypocri- fe,ofclofe hypocrifie at the leafi,ifnot of grofs hypocrifie. The medium or reafon by which he would prove it, is the unfuitable- nefs ofhis prefers: pradife to his former DoCtrine.His actions un- der fufifcrings contradict what himfelfhath taught other fufferers. And this (peaks him guilty. The Ar ,ument may be thus formed. That mans religion is but vain, and his profeflion hypocritical, who having comforted others in, and taught them pati- ence under afiction,is himfelf (beingafided) comfortlefs and impatient. But lob, thus it is with thee,thou haft been a man very forward to comfort others and teach them patience, yet now thou art comfortlefs and impatient. Therefore thy Religion is vain, and thy proftthen is hypocri- tical: