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t 7, 2 Chap. 5. An Expoftion upon the Book of J O B. Verf. I carries this fenfe rather; call now,for there is none to anfwer thee, irocal' qui; eft and to which ofthe Saints wilt thou turn ? that is,none among qutjtibi refpon- all the Saints (if thou turnetl to them) can give thee any help eat,q.d. nemo As Mercer a moderate Plitt gives the meaning of this Scriptures tibi refponde bit. Mere. againtl the current of their interpreters. nod quidam And this will appear more fully, in opeuing- the Gramatical aojirorumhune fenfe ofa word or two, whichalfo will give the clear meaning of locumadfantio the whole paffage. Eliphaz (as was hinted indrawing out his ar- r[tmmortuorum umen upon f to call times tS calls eb to remembrance former to invecationem,. gum veterer fearch the records of antiquity., and fee whether he could finial re agnoverunt example ofany one among all the Saints,who either had fuch trod guidem, refe- bles as his or in his troubles fpake and behaved laimfelfas he had runt merumáe- ejf. ',fern done, hebids him name one,.ifhe could. liriü &auto poft, Cali. nowJor, Call- Ipray thee. What we tranfate, now, is foine- Nitric hic de time a particle of infulting, but moll ufually of perfwading or fantiorum mo_ intreating. We render it as an.Ad'verb of time, but it rather im- tuoruminvoea_ ports a re nett. So Gen. 12;13'. Abraham entreats Sarah, Say I s ions pray thee hou art m filter. The word(Kara)which we tranflate, ,Y - y , rrnue ed qui- call, lignifies tilt to cry aloud by way of preaching or proclama- dem referunt, ,tion, Ifa. 58. i . Cry aloud, lift up tby voice like a t, uonpet. Se- (' ,tqué ínap. Fondly, by way of prayer orinvocation as P14l. 5ó.. I.5 Call up. ti idea, in toe. enme in the day of trouble. :, but it rather Ggnines,and that more properly, to call by way ofappellation, or by way ofnomination, As Ruth I. 20: Call me not Naomi, but call me M'arab. So here, ßt5 bi`IP Call now, that is, look over the names, or call over the names of ëiee, Beet in- all the Saints, as we ufe to fay, when many fhould meet together', infuirontis di- and we would know whether they are all met: or the Stewards panda fir, ut Furimum ta- when they pay manY. hired fervants their wages, take the Bill and 'wen fuodenríu cal) over their Names, and fo pay themone by one ; Mtt. 20.8. orhortanir In the evening, the Lordof the vineyard laid unto. his Steward, oft, Va5odes call the Laborours, that is, call them by therr fcveral names; and Atnabolotíns give them their hire. Thus we may underhand the phrafe in this place,read the catalogue of the. Saints,.call every one by his name, and put the quefion to them, ask them, whether ever they had filch aflliGtions as thou haft ? or ask them, whether they behaved themfelves under their afflictions as thou haft done? t believe thou ,wilt findnone'to anfwer thee. To this fenfe Mr. Broughton tranf- lates, Call now if there be any that will d.fend thee, that is, be thy patron or advocate, in word, or in theexample of their lives. If there be any that will anfwer thee,) For the wordwhich the render