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Chap. 5 . An Expofitian upon the Book of ] O B. ® Terre. 2. 177 have you learned tß feek and let upyour felves,or to be impatient tinder the handof God ? That man bath reafon to fufpeei hebath done ill, mho dotó that,ra hich agood man never did, or ever repented the doingof it. Obferve further ; WhenGodforfakes a man, all the Saints on earth forfakg bim too. Eliphaz looks upon job, as a man forfaken of God,and then he bids him get help ifhe could among the Saints.He that oppofes God, f iall be oppofed by all who are Gods. There is the fame mind in the fervants of Chrift, which is in Chrift their Mailer: Therlovewhere and whom he loves, they hate whom he hates, they are afhamed of thole, ofwhom Chrift is afhamed ; If God reje t a man, the Saints will not undertake or anfwer for him. So much ofthe firft Argument,ranking job with the wicked,becaufe (as Eliphaz thought) he could not find any in the rank of the Saints like himfelf. The fecond Argument riles to a likeconviE1ion,becaufe,(in the fame mans opiniWri)he might eaf.ìly fee himfelf fo like the wicked. For wrath Hills thefoolifh man, andenvyflayeth thefillyone. Here are tw®finful pallions, wrath and envy, and here are two forts of finful perlons, Thefool4h man and Thefilly one producing, two fad effets,(which yet in effect are but one,)The one kills,and the other flayes,both are deadly anddellruftive, wrathkilleth the foolifh man, and envy flayeth thefilly one. There are feveral fins and lufts which accompany,as the feveral ages and degrees,fo the Omae poonum, feveral tempers of men. Rafhnefs and intemperance hurry and °mho granum,' inflame young men ; ambition blows up riper years,and covetouf- omneo fr n. t w nefs often tyrannizeth over old age s Wrath takes hold of fools, ntu ihaboe ver... and envy leizeth the filly one. Thefe wormes ftrike the root of meanfuum, & fuchmen, and make them wither, As there is a fpecial worm olirrrvermi killing fpecialtrees,and confuming their fruits ; to there are fpe- tiur gritpry dial lufts, which like worms, eat out, and deiroy the life ofman; A4u(1. wrathkilleth thefoolß man. The foolifh man.7 Fle is afoot, who hath not wifdom to dire t rerarrrsr,aue_ himfelf ; but The fool,is he,who will not follow the counfel and dox,imprudent, direc`fíon of the wife. The word íignifies, not fomuch a fool, perceaus ita. who hath no knowledge; as a fool, who makes no ufe of the knowledge, which he bath :. loch a one is a foolifh man indeed. Or itnotes a man Bally, bold, inconfiderate, rufflingonhand over head, withou fearor wit. A:nian,w.ho either is mailer but oflit- tie knowledge, or that whichhehath (be it littleor much) ma- tiers