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Chap. 5. An Expof tion upon the Book of J .O B, Verf. 2. z 8 t or eafie man, whom you may carry with a mouth full of good words, and fair promifes, whetheryou will. Yet,we finde this word (Prat. z 16. 6.)ufed in a good fenf, for a man without fin- ful guile and craft, a fimple, .honefl, plain - hearted man, The Lord preferveth thefmple. But here and often elfewhere it is taken in an ill fenfe, for a man without ferfe and reafon,without heart and fpirit, a man that cannot in any competency judge of things, or make out his way, but is meerly led, and lives upon the opinion and judgment of another: To fuch wifdome cryeth "without and &ciguo anima uttereth her voice in the (greets, how long ye fimple °ones, willye love r l ru bjefla f pt f mplic it y, Prov. 3. 20 22. Thisfilly one envie flayeth; He is out ofhis wits already,and alittle matter will put himout ofhis life : Envy flayeth him, that is, a fimple man looking upon the profpe- rity and blcffings of God upon his neighbour, will needs ai11it;}" himfelf: he looks upon himfelf, as having left all, if that man gain : he falls,if his brother Rands, and can with moreeafe die mi- ferably, thanfeeanother live happily. In this fenfe it is, That envy kills theflly one. Now the reafon why Eliphaz fpeaks of thefe two, the foolish and the fimple one, and chara&ers them, as dying by the handof thefe two lulls, wrath andenvy is, becaufe he conceived all jobs troubled, and (as he thought) muddy complaints in the third Chapter, arofe from thefe two impure and filthy fprings, wrath and envy, fromproud wtath, and impotent envy ; he looked up- on him, as angry and difpleafed, yea as enraged, becaufe God had dealt fo ill with him ; and he fuppofed he raw him pale and wan, eaten up and pined with envy,becaufe others were fo well,becaufe his friends enjoyed health and lived in profperity round about hini. As if he had faid,Thou art wroth at thy own poverty, ficknefc andfores,andthoe art envious at our plenty, health and eafe. And may not folly andfimplicity, challenge that man for Theirs,whofe fpirit thus refents, either his own evils, or his neighbours good ?; Obferve hence, Firít, Every wiekedman,ii afoolifh,a fillyman ; Sin is pure folly, In the Proverbs all along, wickeduefs is the interpretation of foolïfhnefs. It is folly to take brafs Counters for gold, and to be pleafed with Bugles more than with Diamonds. When an heyre' is inhpleaded for an Ideot, the Judge commands an apple,or a counter, with a piece of gold to be fet before him, to try which hewill take ; if he takes the apple or the counter, and leaves the A a 3 gold,