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IP tu 44 Chap. 4. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Vere S exafly,as to be taken with her beauty,his eye entangled his heart, and both entangledhis life. So here,Even as I havelien, that is, by adiligent infpeétion, and judicious con ideration of what I ftw. And what was that ? Myftical Husbandry. Tboy thatplow iniquity andfiwwickednefs, reap the fame. irrII They thatplow iniquity.] The word which we trap(late to plow, Podnfundum, fgnities the ufe of any kind ofart or manufaóure ; as the work of arav,r.Per mo. a Smith, or ofa Carpenter, in Iron, Wood or Timber ; and as the raphoramfo- Art, fo the Artici or handicraftf-Man (Ifa. 44. r 2.) is expreft by drt cegitatìone,. this word : The Smith with his tongs, worked, in the coales. And ve/inrenrus Zech. r. 2O. It is put for a Carpenter, the Lordfhetvedme four fit ei alicu i eonfeciend,t, Carpenters: now here it is applyed to the Plowman , and to his Jiro? arato plowing. SoH,f. lo. 13. Te have plowed wickednefs, ye have reap- pr paratter- ediniquity, ye have eaten shefruit of lies. ram ante feint. And this plowingof iniquity, or plowing ofwickednefs, takes narorm in both the outward ad of fin (to plow iniquity, is to commit andpraâife iniquity) and the inward ad of lin; toplow iniquity, is as much as todevife and meditate iniquity,Prov, 3.29. Devife not (Heb. plow not) evil againft thy neighbour. So Prey. 6. 18. A heart that devi/e:b, or ploweth wicked imaginations, And Prove 21. 4. Theplowingof the wicked is fin; That is, whatfoever they devife,or whatfoever they do, infide and outfide, the cloath and Iinings oftheir garments arcall fin. Likewife this word dcnotes,not only fpeculative exils, but allo fecrefieofpratife, or a plot carried, and afted fecretly. Thus (2 Sam. 23. g.) it is laid, Davidknsw that Saul fccretlt prattifed evil againJt him; TheHebrew is, he knew that Saul plowed evil against him. So that it may be taken either for the meditating of evil, or for a politick clofe way of tfUting any evil or wicked defign. And the Scripture elegantly calls the muting or meditating of fin, plowing, becaufea man in meditation (when he would ac- complifhany wickednefs) turns up (as it were) all the corrup- tions that are in his heart , and all the conveniencics that are in the world, to attain hisend. As a man that meditates upon any holy thing, upon Chrift or Free-grace, &c. turns up all the graces and abilities that are in his fpirit, he plows up his heart, that he may fetch up the tttength, and enjoy:the fwcetnefs of them. So