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46 Chap. 4. Ax Expof tion upon the Book of J O g. VcrC 8, Secondly, 'owing is applied to the Preaching of the Gofpeh to the 'matter ing of the word, -Ural the eares,assd into the hearts ofmen, Lu e, .8. 5. A(ower went out toJom. Thirdly, lowing is applyed unto the, burial of the dead,' Cor. " 1.5.42. that which it (ewn: in weaknefs, the bodies of men are as feed in the earth, they 111311 fpring up again. Pfal. 116.5 Fourthly, 'owing is applyed to repenting tears, they thatfow in tears ; that ii, they that go on reporting and mourning, fh4l reap injoy,: they (hall have (heaves of-comfort. And fifthly, it is applyed generally unto any action good or bad, Gal.6 8 He thatfoweth ti thefefh, fhall of t1 e flefh, reap cor- ruption,and he that foweth to theJPirit; &e. Sowing (as plough- ing) is ufed in regard ofdoing good and evil,fow toyour felves in righteoufieefs, faith the Prophet; and here ou the other fide, They that plough iniquity andJow wickednefs. Here ite.the progrels of fin ; fn gocth ongradually, there is not only a .ploughing but a fowing fin is the feed., and there is a feminal vertue in e- very tin, it will fpring.up again, and bring forth a hundred fold more inmifery,to.the whole tnan,flefls and lùirit,thennever it gave in delightsunto the flefh. L1y The word which we tranflate fwickednefs) lignifies warinrfr, Semina: ßía labour, perverfhefs ; becaufewicked perfons ary d toile them- tom Vulg. felves inferving and fatisfying their Luba. Numb. 2'. 21.I have Jeer( n, perverfenefr in lfrael. God did . nßt .lind them laborioully an induliriouily wicked at that time. Todo wickedly is a weari- fome imployment, a hard labour. The,vulgar Latin renders it by lorrow ; andfowforrows. Reap thefame.] The Apofile z tor. 15. 37. telleth us; That the Husbandman foweth nit the fame bedy, thatJhall be, how then is it faid, they low wiçkednefs and reap the fame? when theÿcome to the harveli, what 'hall they have ? the fame faith Eliphaz. It is true, A man thatfòweth,doth not reap the Jame individually,or numerically ; that is, thevery fame particular feed ; buthe reaps the fame ípeeitìcally, the fame in kind ; that's the meaning here, their crop or harveh (hall be like their Iced time, Gal. 6.7. What- oevera man fowetb; thatfhall_he alfit reap, the fame in kind, not tile fame in number, Proo..22. 8. Ile thatfoweth iniquity'hall reap vanity. It is not the tin it (elf, winch is reaped, but the fruit; the produ of that fin, that,. they (hall reap the puni(hment of (in is the fruit of fin, and itis called the pole; Punifhmentir a viftblc