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Chap. 4. An Expofttion upon the Bos(of J OB. der(; 8. 49 redly beanfwered with judgement,tribulation,and anguifh.AiTu- redly it (hall. Are not plowing and feed-time an aiurance ofthe harvefk ? They that go forth vainly rejoycing, bearing that poy- fosaeusfeed, (hall doubtlefs come again, and bring their (heaves offorrow with them. That which God promifed (Qen..8.22.) in regard ofnatural husbandry, he hath threatned in regard of this myflical husbandry : after the flood he promifed, that while the Earth remained, Summer and Winter Seed- time andHarveff Jhould not ceafe. So it is here, only with this difference, the Lord ufeth all means to diffaude and prevent the feed-time of fin, But when notwithftanding all thole threatnings , men will be rowing iniquity, he hathmade an everláfiin,g Decree (as firm in its kind,as that about the waters ofNosh) that Harvef$ íhall fol- low, and every fuah foul (hall both reap andeat, the fruit of his plowings and fowings. Fifthly, obferve, That thepuniJhenent of fn may Dome long af- ter the committing offin the one is a feed-time, and the other a reaping-time; there is a great diflanceof time between lowing and reaping. The feeds of fin may lyemany years under the Fur- rowes. A man may commit a fin in his youth, and not final the harveft ofit, till his old age.fidow many(as job complains,but in a worfe fenfc thenhe)in their old age are made to poffeffs the fins of their youth, and feel that which they have forgot. The Hus- bandman (in that place before mentioned,James 5 ,7.)rraitetb for thepreciousfruit ofthe earth, and hath long patiencefor it : and through the long patience of God,forne wicked naeu(though thee/ thought their fins not fowed,but.buried for ever,and never delire to fee or hear of them, yet) in a fenfe of tome wicked men(' fay) wait long for thenoxious fruit of their own hearts. Sometimes indeed the feed-time and harveft offin,are found in the famehour : and while aman hath fcarce ended his fin,hispu- rahment begins. The Prophet de(eribing the plenty andprofpe- rity ofthe Church in the latter dayes,tells us, That theploughman MI .9. 13. Jhak overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes, him that faint!" the feed. The returns offn, are to fome as quick and plentiful, judgment rides pot' after them, the reaper overtakes the foweror theman reaps as foon as he hath (owed : wrath arreffs him in the very a& offinning. And we may fay as l;lifha in anothar cafe, is = Singa 6.3z not thefoundofhis Matersfeet behind hint? The fcund of pu- nai(hment isat the very heels offin.Tha.t blackOxe comes as fwift H as