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T o the Pleader. whether Natural, Moral or Divine, which are compofed into Dialogues or Difputes. This great Divinity aft ( one of thegreateil fureiy-ans wog folemn, l think the f rfl that ever was held out, in [itch aformality, in the world) is principally fpent,upon that no- ble problem, How the juftice and g-)odnefs of God can be falved,. while, his providence diflributes good to the-evil, and evil to the good. 4 Queflion fiarted and touched in many books of the holy Scriptures; but as here (ex profeffo) purpofely handled: Firfi, in a very long Difputation, betty en Job theRefpondenr, and his three Prietads Opponents 5 Then in afulldetermination, firfi, by Elihu an accuteand'mife,then by God himfelf,the moil wife and infallible Moderator. The Method leere obferved h after the manner of the Schools(pro and contra) every one of thefour difputantr, havinghis feveral opinion 5 and each, one his arguments in favour of' his own. Which,yet, are not prefented in that a et - edplainnefs of the Schoolmen, with their down-right ( vide- tur (lucid .fie, probatur quod non) This- I affirm, this I prove, this I deny, this difprove, The Pen-men of the holy Chuff never difiwfs u f ions fo, no, nor any of the old Philofophers. 7bis Covert carriage of their opinions, and clofecontexture of their arguments,,infioers, and Replies about them, render 'theBookfomeitleat dark and obfcure is the meditation. And therefore, it will be a deign not unprafiiable(ifthat end o fflr'dat,may be attained)briefly todraw themfarth,andfet them beforeyou in a more open lidht Anddoiebtles, theyhold,and by what mediums they mana nage their proofs, may (by thebleng of Godupon ferious thoughts andfrequent reviews) be made out to a- very great Flrainnefs. Towards which, it is obfervable, that there are many *breeds of the fame colour andfashfiance, mixt and inter. woven , by the Difputanti thronghettt thiswhole Difcourfe.. Aud