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68 Chap.q.. An Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. tgo And though many Lyons are amongfl tas, yet they dare not roar, much lets, tear as they have done ; though the beans be alive,yet (for the moil part) the Lyons are dead : they are beats fill, as bate, and vile, and bloody in their naturesas ever, but their pow- erful Lyon-like ftrength is abated : That glorious prophecie,is in tome fenfe,and in fume part,fultilled at this day ; The Waif dove's with the Lamb, the Leopard lies down with the Kid, and the Ca fe and theyoung Lyon, and thefatting together-, and a little Cbtldmay lead theirs ; they cannot they dare not, hurt nor deffroy in all our mountain, Ifa. t i. b, 8. 1 am Pure, we may fit our feat to this truthof Elipbaz,wchave feen Lyons,and fierce Lyons,old Lyons, and young Lyons, even the flout Lyons whelps, tow fcattered abroad, fome deftroyed, foam confùmed by the mighty power of God. further, It is here laid in the Text, That the old Lyonthan pe- riflo for want ofprey : It is a ilr. nge exprellion, Lyons have the greater{ power to get provition, to fatisfie their hunger,yea their appetites and humour,yet theft (hall want; thefe Lyons,who have all their life tirane,preyed upon the elates ofother men, even thefe shall want. Note hence the ju(lice of God; Such as have made tethers avant,(hall at loft come to want tbeu f elver, they fhaiy perifb for want of prey, they (hall have nothing to eat : when thou era- fcf to fpoyl, thou fihalt be fpoyled, faith the Prophet ; and when 33 A. thou fhalt make an end to deal treacheroufly, they (hall deal treache- rougy with thee : We mutt not underhand it,as if wicked mendo ever give over finning, fin, and their defire of tinning, is in a kind infinite ; they never fay, now we have done,and w ill more ; but the meaning is, when thou cants fin no morc,nor deal treacheroufly any more, when thou hail done thy utinol , and (pent thy tlrcngth in fpoyling others, or taken all their fpoil, fo that thouhail done fpoyling, becaufe there is no more to fpoyl, then others shall fpoyl thee ; And thou Lyon, who haft preyed upon othersys-a lorg time, ¡halt not have a bit thy ,felt, but fitalt perish for Want of prey. It is the promife of God untohis own people (Pfal. 34 le, That the LyonsPall lack andfuferhunger; but obey that fear the Lord, (hall not want any good thing : He expreffes it by Lyons, tonote, that certainly they that fear him fhall not want,for ifany creatures in the world can preferve themfelves from hunger, Ly- ons can, if they do brat toir, the very beads will fall down as a Prey