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Chap. 8. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf: 19. I i; no man will own him, as he is alwayes fo low that God will not own him, he concludes triumphantly againft him. Verle i9. Behold, this is the joy ofhis way, andout of the earthfh-all othersgrow. Here's his conclufion. Thos is the joy.) The word which we tranflate joy, tignifies the tlllVi`t higheft joy, a kindofleaping for joy. It isan allulion to doggs or and quando fpaniels, who ( you know) when their Mailers come home, leap mu,,ut about them for joy, and in their language bid them welcom. Such folent quando a joy is here meant,ajoy liftingup the heart, a leaping, an exulting peregre wive. joy. The word is often applied to the joy ofthe Saints, they re- n,enti Domino loyce,and(as it were) leap about Jefus Chrift, they triumph in the Enhoc ß ex- favour of God. The leaping,the exulting joy, the bell joy, all the uitaetovtæ e. joy which an hypocrite ¿ ath,is but this,which hath been defcrib- i ¡mica's cd; Is it not a clefìrable joy? a godly joy lure ? the words are ironi- dii7um,HHec eft call, This is the joy ofhis w ay, latitia qua fìb: Of his way;. Way i taken for the courfe, purpofe and inftitu- ' P P magnitudiae tion ofa mans life, for the tenour of his convertation, which he fuá, holds in the world, This is the joy ofhis way:This is it. The parti- tamawpegae ele is deinonftrative,This is it which I have told you; as ifhe had forum in quo laid, cart up all the comfort and happinefsof that flourishing tree, qordere;eq of the hypocrite, this is all that it comes to, his end is to be gaudium dum rooted up, andnot fomuch as to be owned by thofe that knew itafete offer.. him before. set 1Vlerc.; There are three things which I shouldobferve from this, This is the joy of his way. Firlt,That an hypocrite may have much joy in hisway.He may rejoyce much in his condition and think all's well. Falfe hopes can produce f:lfejoyes. Falle faith brings forth a comfort like it feIf, a fading comfort, a fhadowofcomfort, as that :is but a fhadowof faith. The fancy offaith is ufually fuller of joy then true faith.Sa- tan helps forward this joy, and God for a time will not hinder it Faith (though feigned) gives the foul a fight offuck things as are worth the rejoycing in, and a fuppofed title to them will move joy, as well as a real title doth. The ftony ground received the word with joy; the promifesare delicious to the fenfitive and ra- tional part, as well as to the fpirituall and regenerate part.Hcnce ( Heb. 6.) they that fall away are laid to have had talles of the joyes ofthe to world come. An hypocritemay think himfelf in hea- Q2 ven