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chap. 8. AnExpofrtion upon the Bookof J p B. Verf. 2o. 129 curs, but not with fuch a concurrence, as amounts to the helping of evil doers, or the flrengthening of theirhands. Thefirft help whichGod gives evil doers,isprivative,or negative; the calling in, or not giving our of that power, by which they might do good or avoid evil.Thus he departed from Saul, & then Saul went on,worfe and worfe,againftDavid.Gód bath fomewhae todoe with evil doers,wh.en he with-draws that help from them, by which they might be kept from doing evil: Or, when he doth not afitft them againfi the evil oftheir own hearts,and.the polluti- onsof the world. This deferting and leaving them unto them - felves, layes.them open to fin.Yct the finwhich a man thus defer- ted commits,can no more be charged upon God, then the dark- nefs ofthenight can be charged upon the Sun for going downs fin follows divine defertion, not as an effect doth the caufì, but as a confequent doth it's antecedent. Secondly, He delivers or gives them up, firft, to Satan : And fecondly, to their own counfels, to a reprobate minde and vile al- fe&ions Pfal.3I.12.Rom.r,24,26. This tradition is anad beyond defertion 3 there is a greater fpiritual judgement in it, when God makes a mans own wickednefs aEtive againft him, then when he loth not make his Spirit or grace aEtive in him.It were better to be put into the hands ofall the tyrants in the world,yea,better be put into the handsof the devil, then into the hands of our own lulls and paflions. GodBoth not give a reprobate minde or vile affe_ ¿tions,but hegive:e up to their: ThirdIy,Evil doers in their doing evil; are ordered byGod. Wic- ked men (in every finfull a) run beyond the line of obedi- ence, but they cannot run beyond the line ofprovidence. God limits and circumfcribesthe as of wicked men, for otherwife e- very wicked man would be a mottfler a;none,fuch in wickednefs, if he could; every one would be&Cain, anAhab, a Nero, a Caligu- la, &c. The finfulnefs ofmen would be; not onlyout ofmeatitr.c finfull intenfive,in regard of the qualityof it, but out of trieafure finfull extenfivè,, in regard of the quantity of it, it would, break all bounds, carry all down;'before it, did,opot the:Lord;order and dire t the;difoxders and confutligns ofit,,There -is fed of wicked- Refs in the heart of a wicked man, whicl , boyflerous endAin, ruly as the natural fea;and if the Lord did not let bounds to that fea of wickednefs, and fay, Hitherto 'halt thou come,and n further, it would overwhelm all. Thus far alto God Nth to doe in the S finfulnels