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t Chap. 8. An Expofition atpon'the Bookof J O B. Verf. 20. 231 God is fo far from giving ti emany help, that he Pets hitnfelfa- gainft them. Underftand this with a diflintion. There is a two-fold refiftance or oppofition that God makes a gainft theevil doings ofmen. There is, I. Amorals oppofition. 2. Anatural' Or there is, a. A declarative refinance. 2. An opera(eve When it is Paid, that God doth refill (as this phrafe imports or fuppofeth) wicked men in doing evil, we are to underliand it, that he ever oppofes themmorally ; that is, he ever layes a moral impediment in their way, and he ever oppofes them declarative- ly, he declares his oppofition in his Word. He never thews the leaft likingofwicked men in their wayes. For when he faith, HE that,is filthy, let him befilthy ftill; and he that it unjeeft, let him be aanjuftffill,(Rev.22. z z.) hedoth not at all approve, but threatens thefe limiers. This kerning admiflion is the higher rebuke offin. But take it for anaturali oppofition, which is the bringing out of firengthand power to flopmen in the wayes of fin: Thus theLord doth not alwayes refill evil doers. For ifhe did, it were impotlible that any wicked man fhould move one hairs bredth in doing evil; ifGod would put forth his power againft man,he could not Ihr to fin againft God : but God doth not fo, neither is he bound to lay a naturali impediment in the wayes of wicked is enough to acquit him in his holinefs,that he ever layes a ntorall impediment in their way. Hedeclareth his law againft, and his dilike oftheir fins : and in this fenfe he alwayes refills them. All the fin ofman is againft the will ofGod,yet noman fins whether God will or no, The declarative will of God is often refifed,but his operative will cannot be refilled. As ( which may illuftratc this ) in the civil State,the laws of this Kingdome lay a moral impediment in the; way ofthievery and robbery,&e. It is perpetually declared by the law,that no man ought to take another mans crate from him vio- lently ; but yet the Kingdome doth not ever fet a natural impedi -. ment again(i robbers, dc. That is, we doe not place a power of amen to guard all high wayesor houfès,to fee that no p , Fenger shall be ribbed, or hotfe broken open : So the Lord layer a moral impediment in the way of wicked men alwayes, but he doth not alwayes Et-his power againft them, whereby he is able (if