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Chap. S. Án Expofition upon theBook of J OB. Vert. 22. 157 rejoycing in a day when God works great things. At fuch times joy, and this degree ofit, is not only our priviledge,but our duty. When we carry a melfage ofthanks to God, we muff not come with unchearful countenances, or'fowr faces. It is a comely thing,when our alfedíons keep time and proportion with the di- (Ioenfations ofGod. When we cannot fing the longs of Sion, o; Life our harps by the waters of Babylon, and when we cannot but fingeither in the refloring of Sion, or in the ruines of Baby- lon. Some may objet% thofe texts,Woe to them that laugh, &c. (Lu G. 25.)It feems laughter is theportion ofwicked men, for woe (we are lure is their portion. It's true, worldly laughter, a laughter in corn and wine, and oyl, a laughter in riches, and honours,and carnal pleafures, asfuch, isa laughter with a woe annexed. But to laugh in the fenfe of the goodnefs ofGod, giving us outward good things to exprefs our felves joyfully, when God exprefl'es himfelfgraciously,is not only comely,but holy.When Gods h. art comes out at his hand,aud is feen in his aó}ions, our hearts íhould come out at our mouths, and be heard in our éxultations. Thus we have feen theeffeft of the goodnefs of God upon his own people. See the efíe(s of his juftice upon wicked men. Verfe 22. They that hate thee 'ball be cloathed with fhame, and the dwellingplaceofthewicked 'hall come to nought. God refills, or will not put forth his hand to evil doers, then follows, They (ball be brought tofhame. Shame is oppofite to laugh- ing:he that rejoyceth,ufually holdsup his head,and cares hot who feeshim; bett he that isafhamed,holds down his head,and endures not to be feen. Some men laugh in their Neves (as we fay) but all men would beafhamed in their sleeves. They that hate thee, 2 ,1iÙ The word hath adouble lignification. Odio habtlit, Firft,It imports the putting forth of bitter hatred,when a man cotuempf!r. Di_ lets himfelfmalicioully againft his brother. , tireretiaan ali- Secondly, It is taken comparatively, fora leffer or more remits quardoper cam- putting forth oflove. He may be faid'to hate who wants a due pararionem al_ terse, quod ma- heat and height oflove. In that fenfe J xcob was taxed for hating gis amatur,non Leah,Gen.29,31. When the Lord faw that Leah was hated,-&c. quad proprié o- Take hatred in the common notion,and thenCurdyJac -ob was not dia habecrur" Rab. a L).1v, it, 1.Ftad