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Chap:&: An Expel-Won upan thiBookofJ o B. Verf.22. 4I the face, in a blufh,to cover that foul ait, he puts out a red gar- ment, or a fcarlet vail to hide his filthinefs. Thus he is cloathed with flame. `Modefiy commands nature, and (where it is but ho- neffly natur'd) prevails with it to cati this covering over all un- comelinefs in fpeech or pradifeiand,though this blufh appears only in the face,yet the whole body is dipt & died, with the fame colour. Hence alto they who are aflaatned, either hold their hands before their faces to cover them,or hold their heads down that they may Sote::r quieru- not be difcovered. Obferve befcurt manu:,ro fatíeì, pia op- That which evill men glory in,rvill be matter cf their abafement, prob,:;n: ac cte. The Apoftle faith,Theyglory in theirfhame(Phil.3.19.)not for- do-us nncnrad- mally,but materially. No man can glory in any thing under the m ° ^r re Bold notion of fhame,but many glory in that which is in it felffhzme- full, and will betheir fhame.The Hebrew expreffes an Idol, by a word that lignifies fhame,or a ihamefull thing(and it is the root of ldctu); .rujras that in the text) becaufe Idols,firft,or laft,make their worfr,ippers i/e ,,rrs abr, afhamed,Jer.a a.i3.According to the number ofthy Cities were thy iip;rirulìs' r- gods,0Judahye haveJet upaltars to that (hameful thing.Idolatcr jlitutue,ner ad, flail fee at daft how foolifh they have been in woríhipping;a flock luau fuerie, or a ¡lone, in adoring the inventions of their own brains, which cando them no good in an evil day:every Idol is a fhameful thing, becaufe it deceiveth it's worfhippers : fo every linful as will be like an"Idol,matter of fhame,becaufe every fin is a deceit, Ifà.2d. They (ball be afhamedfor their envy at mypeople: They fhaIl fee their envy againft the peopleof God was unreafonable, groundiefs and fruitlefs,thereforethey fha11 be afhamed ; and if they (hall be ail-la- medof their envy againft the people of God, how(hall they be a- Ihamedof their oppofition and injuries, oftheir oppreffìon and in juftice, Ifa.4i.1a.Behold,all they that were incenfed againft theefhall be afbaaned. TheChurches enemies glory in their own fharne,and the Church (hall glory in the fharne of her enemies ; therefore (he is called to behold it, as a piece of her glory. Obferve further, They that hate thee(hall be cloathed iv'tbfume, then,wickedmen are haters of the righteous.They are Inters of God, therefore they muff be hatersof thofe who have the Image of God upon them. As he that loves, fo he that hates him that begets, hates him alío that is begotten.Natural men are loch haters of ho- finds, that they hate that which is but the Image,the Idol ofho linefs,hypoériffe;they cannot endure a man,who doth but feem re- ligi©us.It isfaid of th.éPanther,that he bears filch hatred againftt man, that