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Chap. 9. An Expofition upon the Bookof J O B. Verf. 5, men cannot markbow he bath removed them out of theirplace in his anzer. VJrttruía;,- -Su .pofing men to be the antecedent,there is yet a difference a- j,ví,t, m ve,f bo,.a; the interpretation. Men, that is, fay fome, unskilfull men, r>äfierurt,ita ignorant men, they know not themeaning of this, they cannot, f ppier,,,ec g. give a reaCon why or hewmountains are removed; if God dot h it no,runt ((c.ho, they know it not. Others reftrain it to men,' inhabiting the moun- rsines impair() tains, they were fecure, and thought their dealings fo fake, that . quie fubvertit cosfurorefug. God removed their mountain before they dream'd of, much lets feared any [Lich thing ; they had no thought that God would re- move their mountain.Places firongly fortified either 'by art or na- ture make men fecure, and dangers unfufpeded. The deluge in tocurfive ab Noahs time prevailed over the bigheft mountains ; but his fhifull ate,veá na_ poflerity hoped to make an artificial) mountain , wherein they tarn munirsu, might even dare a fécond deluge. Come let to build aos'a City and redlit homines a Tower, avhof ë top may reach to heaven ( Gen 11.4.) and then(ek abOmni bello cent thellars and firmament be flouded) we than be dry, how rum aut ruinæ much or how long Co ever it rains. Such towering thoughts, as f fpieionefem. g g a ros.sataa. thefe, were ( Curdy ) laid in the foundation of that intended Tower. Take the text either ofnaturall or offigurative tnountaíns,and to remove them, fo, that man knows it not, mayhave a double meaning. .Piro, that it is donewith great fpeed. Secondly,That it is done with great fecrefie. God is able to dogreat things in a little time, in fo little time that men [hall not know he is doing them, till they are done. He can do great things fecretly, fo fecretly, that the way of theirdi- fpatch fhall not be vilible to the eye, or open to the underftanding of men, till they are dilpatcht. Again this claufe [And they know it not ] notes not only the fe- curityofmen before the hand of God is upon them, but their [lei= pidity, while it is upon them.So(Pro.23.35.)They haveftricken me, (halt thoufay, and I was not fck; they have beaten me, and I felt it not ; the Hebrew is, and I knew it not. Henceobferve, The works and judgements of Gad,are often unfufpeeiedand unob- ferved by men.: He removeth mountains,even their mountainr,and they know it not. 'Tis true in reference to naturall,but efpecially to civili moun- tains, The rich,the mighty are cart down from their feats,or their feats