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188 Chap. 9. An Expofitión upon the Book, of JOB. Verf.7. Purther,There are Church-pillars as well as State-pillars men ofeminency in knowledge and learning,in'parts and piety ; thefe are pillars of the Church of God. So the Apoftle calls James and. s414,74,é- Peter, Gal. 2.9. As the church it felfis the pillar oftruth : fo fome soiree, particular members arepillars oftruth, bearing it up,and holding it förth,as pillars do the Laws or Edi6s ofPrinces andCommon- wealths. As thefe Pillars are ofGods Petting up,fo of Gods bear- ing up. In great fhakings of the earth Common-wealth - pillars tremble, -and Church- pillars trem'ble,yea they would fall did not the Lord fultain themwith his hand. From all, learn the inflability ofithe creature. If that which is the bakes or foundation ofall outward-comforts be fo eafily fhaken and toll up and down, what are the comforts themfelves ? If Kingdoms and Comtnon- wealths totter, who can (land fall ? when the Saints feel the world (hake and tremble under them, their comfort is,They have received akingdom that cannot befhalten, Neither men nor devils have any power to (hakeit, andGod will. not (hake it a nay,with reverence we may fpeak it, the Lord can- not (bake that Kingdome, for it is his on : he cannot doe any thing to his own wrongor difhonour: Earth may, but Heaven ihakcs not, neither (hall any òfthe pillars- thereof tremble for ever. we have Peen two ads of the mighty power of God;firfl in re- moving thofe mountains,thofe great'maffie parts of the earth. Se- condly, In fhak'mg the whole mafhe of the earth. Now the thoughts offob grow higher, andhe afcends from earth to heaven,and brings an inflame ofthe power ofGod there, m the 7th verfe. Verfe7. Which comtnandeth the Sun, andit rifeth not, andfealeth up the liars. And the inflance which he makes in the heaven,flands(ashea- ven doth to earth) in a dired line of oppofition to that which he. Sieurde nature gave about the earth. The earth in all the parts ofit, is a fetled, ;terra. efï im- fixed body, and therefore the power of God is clearly Peen in wobilirar canting it tomove : but, theSun is a moveable body, a creature iguiei, trade in continual motion ; and therefore the power ofGod is clearly wardcæ1i, teen in checking and flopping the motion of it. It calls for as we roper snc f{ron a hand tomake the Sun Hand í1i11 as to (hake and remove atur.Aquin the earth. The flayingofthat which naturally cannot but move, and