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28 Chap. 8. An Extofitionupon the Book, of J O B. Verf. 2. Topurge himfelf by repentance,ver. 6. Or we may lookupon this counfeLas.a pattern of repentance, and turning to God, in three things.. z To iéek unto God.. 2. To acknowledge our own uaworthinefs, to receive any mercy from God. Tobe fincere andupright- hearted with God in both.. If then wouldefi feel.unto Godbetimes. 711;11 Eli qua- W avemet with the word more then once before ; and in gut dducutare De- firiGneis of translation, it founds thusmuch, If than tvouldefl feek Foe.Diligenter, ,into God in the morning; or,ifthou evouldeff morning God,6e with foduto, et meg. him early in the morning, that is, if thou wouldeft feek untohitr noftodia qua vert. diligently : they that come in the morning about bufinefs, ,are di- ui marefir- ligent intheir bulinefs.The Apoítles rule is( Heb.3) To 4ay harden git precandi notyear hearts ; but here Bildadadvifeth, WWhileft it is morning, caufa,diriter which is the firlu part Or beginning of the day, pourout thy heart manicare De- to God. So then, it maybe taken for Peeking God either at the eam,Draf, fitIt'of the day, the morning ; or, for any,earneft,diligent and fer- vent Peeking unto God in any part of the day ; To feek God dili- gently,,though in the iïight,is according, to this Hebraifme,a leek- ing him in the morning. It was an ancient cuttome to leek God inthe morning (take it in the letter) early in the morning. David profef'es this, Pfalm 5, d. My voice fhalt thou hear in the morning, 0 Lord» the morn- ing 11 I diriTtf my prayer unto thee,andiviil'look,upAnd Heathens, by the light of nature,took this courfe in their profane and fuper- 'tuitions worlhip. Herodotur in his tenth book, tels of the Perfian Herodot !-go, Magi, who addreffed themfelves early in the morning to leek Plin. En.57. their fall Gods. And the Primitive Christians were wondered ad Titayan at for their early devotions.Pliny in an Epiflle to Trajan and Ter.;, ;t l,Apol. tu>lia in his Apologeticks for the Chrithans, report their affem- blies before, day-break to pray and call upon God. And there bath been,and Rill is a füperftitious abufe ofthis among thePapitis,who call their morning prayers, theirMattin.r,becaufe they begin early in the morning.. Bence obferve, Fiat, Prayer it ourfee},ing unto God, That's the general defcription ofprayer. When we pray, our work is toget near tc,,God, to find God; every foul that prayes indeed,