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Chap. S. An Expofition upon tbeBook of J pB. Vere 6. 43 who (indeed) never flumbreth nor fleepeth. And if God awake not for us, all our watchfulnefs is as ufelefs to us as our lleepinefs, Thewatchmen ìvaketh tut in vain, except the Lord keep the City. Except he awake our watching can do nogood ; and if he awake, good will come,though we be alkep. It is our duty to be careful, and it is our comfort that the care of God is enough for us.The eye ofdivine providence helps us inmany humane improvidences. What their happinefs is for whomGod awakes, fee iii the next words, .He will make thehabitation ofthy righteoufnefsprofperous. This is the fecond degree or flepof mercy promifed ; when the Lord awakes,he will awake to purpofe.We fay of Tomemen,Early upand never the near ; they awake, and do little work : but if Godawakes, fee what he Both, He will make the habitation of thy righteoufnefspro !perous. Someof the Rabbins underfland 'there words as a defcription ofthe foul ; the habitation of tley righteoufneft, that is, thyfoul (hall profper,becaufe the foul is the proper feat ofrighteoulnefs and niu a virtututn holinefs. Righteoufnefs belongeth, to the inward man, Righ- domicilium, teoufnefs being a fpiritual thing,is houfedand lodged in the fpieit, Abcn .Ezr. that's the habitation ofit. There are othersofthe Jews, who take this habitation ofrigh- teoufnefs for the body, becaufe the body is the habitation of the foul,in which righteoufhefs is feat ed,and fo the habitation ofnigh.. teoufnefs by a fecond remove is the outwardman, The -Lord (hall biefs thybody,whicí', now lied: in a woful plight,diftempered and disfigured with fores and fickneffes. But rather take the word habitation in thofe twoordinary Scri- pture-fenfes, either flrittly for the place where job dwelt ; or more largely for all that belongunto him. The habitation ofa. man, is all his eftate, and all that appertains to his eftate ; He will make thy habitation, that is, thy children, thy fervants, thy fields, thy cattel, thy ftock,thy all, tobe profperous. The Chaldee Paraphrafe readeth, He will make thy beautiful place tolbe profperous.The word lignifies beauty as well as an habi- S',gnpat ds- Cation, as was fhewèd, Upon Chap. 5. ver. 3. thither I refer the 61411:: clfe "- Reader. Then, habitation is the feat ofa mans outward efiate, dluem i ltìri4t and his eflate: the fhell and the kernel,the outlide and infide ofall tuæ Tar. he hath. Ga The