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-----__--- Chap. S. An Expofition upon theBolti of J OB. Vcrf. t o. up there. Truth is (as it were ) the heart ofGod, and therefore we mull put it into our hearts.David hid the Commandements of God in his heart : Mary laid up the words of Chrilf there. To havethe word only fwimming in our brains,is little purpofe, as to have it only inourN.ote- bookf.To havctruth only in our brains or inour books, will do us as little good as water in our (hoes. It is a fad thing to confider howmany thoufand Sermons are written almoít word for word in books and fcarce a letter ofthemwritten in the heart. Thepromife ofthe new Covenant is, that Godwill write hid law in our hearts : Let not any ref} fatisfied in having the word written intheir books. Obferve further, Holy men ofelddidhighly effect?: the word and truths ofGod. You may know the efieem they had ofthere by the place where they laid thefe ;the heart i4 the bell place,the faireft room in man. Toput a thing into the heart,notes higheft efteerr and approbati- on. When we fay a thing is in our hearts, we cannot fay more to exprefs our efieemofit. When the Apoftle (Phil. r. 7.)profefes to the Philippians, Ihaveyou in my hea , his meaning is, you are molt dear and precious tome. WhenJee a man preparing a fpecial place, a fate place, aconvenient place to lay a thing in, we conclude that the thing he would lay up is- of value and account with him:when we are preparing andfitting our hearts toput the word and truths ofGod in, hereby we give a real teftimony, that we honour the word of God. For the molt part the truths of God ( as we fay of things we negled)are cat: at mens heels rather then laid up in their hearts. We may know the efieem a Queenof Eng- land had of the City of Calice,when fhe Paid, It was it her heart, and there theyfhouldfind it, if they opened her. So much concerning thefe three verfes,eontainingan argument from antiquity, and the teflimony of the firffages, by which Bil- dadconfirms his former pofition, That God it jujt. JOB 71