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Chap. 8. AttExppfitiott upon the Book of JOB, Verf. 14. ^89 thall have nothing fromGod, but air and empty expeda tiotis ; their real hopes,or the thing they hoped for (hall be cut off. When hypocritesawake out.of their fleep, their hopes vanith as a dream. Not only loth the world, but the Chrift on whom they hoped, prove a fhadow, a fancy,an image, an idoli of their own making; their heartswere filled with leaves,. infleadofgold, as the de vil cofens his greedy votaries, Their hope(hall be cut off. Andwhofe truft /hall be afpiders web. As hope before, fo here truft, maybe put either for the act or objc 1: of trufl,: andboth by á Synecdoche) for the whole pró fellionof an hypocrite. Hope and truft arc often taken protnifcuouily. There is a gra- dual difference between them, not an éffential : 'Trull being the firengthof hope, or the ailing of a flrong faith, The original word lignifies a veryquiet,fecure, fetled troll; when a man trolls upon,or about a thing,withoutcalling fomuch as a jealous thought after it. Thus the hypocrite trufts ; he never fufpec`fs himfelf; his heart faithall is well, Levit. 25. z S. Tefhall dwell in the Land in fafety ; the word is, Ye/hall dwell in the landin truft, becaufe an opinionoffafety is the companion of t.rufl; when we trial our condition is good, then we think our felves Cafe. There are two things noted by this word : Firfl, boldnefs and confidence. Secondly, fecurity and peaceablenefs. The hypocrite feel; no trouble and he fears none; the language ofhis heart is like that ofabylon,the mother of whoredoms and hypocrifie, who Jzith i,t her heart, Ifit a een, andam no Widow, and, (hallfee no fo£.row, Revel. '8.6. This truft where it is truebath a doubleef'feo}.'Thewant of which difcovers the falfenefs of it in the hypocrite. Firff,it confirms and fireáigthens the heart againlì all oppofi i- ons. And . Secondly: it encourages the heart againft all dangers. He that 'trolls in God will walk thorow the v alleyofthe lhacow ofdexi,, and fear no evil : He dares take.a Bear by the.tooth, or a Lyonby the beard. In both, the truft of ti e hYpoeritc f ileth. -pie will work and, go on boldly till,he meets with;o.ppotltion:he i:il wcr i in a fair day, till he meets witha ftortn, and - clangers thscar. n, but there he gives over . He that it not .acquainted with the 3J21ra:ice N map