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Chap.: 5. _<In Expofition upon the Book of j O B . Ver,20, - r while he is at work (for he that cannot walk by faith to his end, faall meet with fears enough before be cores at it) but when his fente tells him that he cannot come at it, he falls into the gulf of defpair. Betides this pain of fear that he (ball not, and that of despair, when he cannot compass his defìgns or ends he is often afflicted with a fiercer pain than either of thefe , even with the gripes and gnawings of his own evil conscience for the evil he bath done. This pain fol- lows fore wicked men all the days of this life ; and it (hall be the portion of all wicked men after death. Eliphaz aims at this in the nest Ve; fe, while he faith, A dreadfulpound is in his ears : there I (hail further infiff upon it. We have yet an- other very confiderable part of the wicked mans mifery held in the Clore of this Verle. and the number ofyears is hidden to the appreffor. The word which we render Oppreffor, figniftes a man ex ceeding powerful and terrible, or by his power terrifying P'iolera3us7. others : He that oppreffeth muff have power, and foredelire deter, robsJlus power for no other end, but to enable them to opprefs. So tyranny, qui lomon fpeaks ofapoor man that oppreffeth (Prov. 28, 3.)but he guts nitituro oppreffeth onely thole who are lets powerful than himfelfa prbur, oltta Apoor man that oppreffeth thepoor, is, &V. One poor man may terrsbtitrc{á. be as much aboveanother poor man in power, as Come rich men are above the pooer. Equals, in power cannot op- prefs. But who is this Oppreffor to whom the number of years are hid ? The Oppreffo, in this part of theVerse, is the wick- ed man in the former part : Eliphaz fpeaks (hll of the fame perlon, though under another name, whom he there called Wicked, he calls here an Oppreffor. Hence note : That to opprers is a very Brea ,wickednefs ; For an Oppreffor a wicked man are the fame man. Again, in that the word whicla lgnifies anOppreffor, fig- nifies al'o a mighty man, or a man of great ffrength ; we may furthernote That men who havemuchpotter, are apttoabut it for the op- pre on ofethers: It is in the power ofmy band,faid Labatt tofa.. cob,to do thee butt : And Laban had hurtJacob, if Godhad not N a ftopt