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Chap.15 . AnExpoJi,tios:upan the Book of jOB. Verfi3. I r 3 makes the want and emptinefs'of -a Wicked man fo great ami- fery, is his want of faith and patience when heir empty , he bathdone fomuch evil, that he bath no faith tobelieve, that any man will 'do him good , therefore his poverty fills him with impatience, and his minde is more unfetled than his eflate. Thus fuch as he aredefcribed ( Pfaim. 59; x4,15.) At even- ing let them return, and let them make a noife , likea Dog, and go roundabout theCity Let them wander up and down for meat, andgrudge if they be not fatisfied : A good man may want meat, but he doth not grudge. He that waits upon God, and believes, (hall be fatisfied, though not filled. Again , 'fis prophefied of wickedmen (Ifa. 8.21.) They fháUpals through it hardly behead andhungry , and itfball come topaft , when theyfhall be hungry, that they(ballfret themfelves, and curfe their King, and their God, and lookupward : When. an Unbeliever hath nothing to eat , he eats himfelf. His own fretting wades him more than his hunger. He then looks up- ward, not as fubmitting himfelf toGod in his hunger, not as dependinguponGod , for the fatisfying of his hunger : In which fenfe it is laid (Pfal.i45. 15, 16. ) The eyes of all wait upon thee, ( as we put in the Margin ) lookunto thee , and thou giveff them their meat in duefeafon, thou openeft thine band and Jotisfteft the defire of every living thing. Awicked man cannot lookupward, thus, when he is hungry, he cannot look upand pray, he cannot look upand trufe in God ; but he looks up- ward to curfe the Godof Heaven in his heart, if not with his tongue , he looks upward , becaufe he is vext with all that is done below ; he looks upward, not becaufe he hath any plea- fant fights inHeaven, but becaufe he is difpleafed with all he l'erroribus fees on earth. eonfciemis itadivexatar atin maxima Hewanders abroadfor bread. abundancia Where ? or whither doth he wander ? That which Elipbaz plume et deeot is conceived to aim chiefly at in this paflàge , is not (o much Qa fupramof the real, as the imaginary and conceited want of a wicked duo. jun. man. He wanders while he flayes at home , and Peeks for Vagatar,vsl in bread, while his Barns and Tables are filled with it. He is ter- medex oQibsH, rifled with fore- thoughtsof poverty, in the midi} of his ri ñepos ¡*`' ches, and when he hathbread , faith, Where is it ? He is fo rtfrüiéur... troubled Merl.