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Chap.i5. An Expofltioxupon the Book,lof J Ó B. ; Ver.a. Fourthly, he reproves him, for fighting and undervalu- ing the counfels, and the comforts tendered to him by his Friends, at thes!1. Verfe, Are the confolations of Godfmall with thee. Fifthly, he reproves him for his confident flicking, or ad- hering to hisown principles, at the 12. and 13. Verts, Why doth thy heart carry theearray,&e. Thus he reproves his morals in the firti part of hisdifcourfe. In the fecond, he confutes his Dotrinals, or that which he fuppofed job had affcrted; fc. Tis ownpurity and pertdons (Verfe x 4,15,1 6.) What as man that heJhouldbe clean? Behold heputteth no truft in bis Saints, &c. In the third place, he labours to maintain his own after- tion, that God doth afflif none but wicked men, Who ever pe- rifhedbeing innocent, or where were the righteous cutoff, Chap.4. Elipha; eau,; 7. This he doth by the authority of the Learned , and Tetuanum from the experiences of the Ancient, Verfe 17. to the end of "'al" hic u the Chapter; Iwillfhew thee, hear me, and 'that which I have DémrlPñ `" feen I will declare: which mite men have toldfom their fathers, fedapereius and have not hidit, &c. Thefe are the parts, and this the refo- ofiondivriere. lution of the whole'Chapter. Volk a. Then anfweredElipbaz the Temauite, andfaid. Then, that is,when fob had made an end ofanfweringZo- tem phar, then Eliphaz anfwered or replied upon Job. That's pro- cipiens, seps, pertly a replication which takes off the anfwer given to afor- kftibor pro mer Argument ; and in this Eliphaz alto makes a defence for /otjiñ oisidvarn his brethren,Zephar and Bildad. Thefe three flood to onean- refponder: ut other, as much as any ono of them did for himfelf; as if nuneperet, they had all entred bond, and given fecurity for reciprocal Zophari enfin affitlance. Thus the difputes grow hot, but tkill 'tis orderly, ceeare toebmm according to that -Apoíiolicaí Canon (a Cor. rq.. 29.1 Let the neonifefle au- Prophets fpeák:wo or three, and let the othe,. judge. Eliphaz is met Etipha . now up, let us confider what he faith. Bold, Verf, 2. Shoulda wife man utter vain }knowledge The 4;eflion denies ; he thould not Noman thould, leaf{ of all he; The avife man is here oppofed to the crafty man, at the fif,h Verfe, There is a widedifference between wifdom and craft, B 2. between