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Chap. I 5 AnExjïofition upon the Book of J O B. Verf. 25. 9 Dion, Who ?hall let it ? Yes , there are Tome will let it, the great men, the Nobles of the Earth, fay no ; they will let it. But they [hall not, faith God, in the next Verfe (Verfe id.,) Eoryoxr fake (fpeaking to his people in Captivity) I have fent to Babylon, and havebrought down all their Nobles. The Ori ginal word for Nobles, lignifies alto Bars, the Bars of a door gar Cattle gate, as we put in the Margent of our Bibles; to note, that Nobles and great men fhould be the firength of a people, and a flop to the entrance of any evil among them: hut if inftead of that, they prove like Bars, onely to hinder the good of a people, and to lie crois in all publick proceed -; then the Lord, the Lord of Lords, andKing of Kings, brings them down, and breaks them all to pieces. I will work, and who ¡hall let it ? The Nobles, the Bars (hall not, though bars of iron, o rgates of brats. It was Paid in opening the words, that tlretching out the hand is the poflure of a mad man: Confider this, and then fay, Is it not the madden madnefs to firetch out the hand a- gaintl God, or to flrengthenour felves againft the Almighty, to oppofe him, againft whom it is impoible not onely to prevail, but to do him the leafs hurt, or give him the leaft check or flop in his way ? If we fhould fee 'a man Pet his fhoulder againti a Wall of Brats, or blow a Feather againft it, hoping to overturn and batter it down, would not we fay, this man Is either a Fool, who never had the ufe of rea- fon; or a Mad-man, who hath loft his reafon ? He that op- pofeth the counfels and ways of God, can no more overthrow them, than a Feather can a Wall of Brats; or the touch of . a little finger, the firongeft Tower. The Pfalmift reprefents us with thefe Pimple attempts (Pfal. 2. 1,2, &c.) Why do the Gentiles rage, and thepeople imagine a vain thing ? The Kings of the earth take counfel, &c. Come let us breaktheir bands,: and calf their cords awayfrom us : What follows ? He that is in Heaven¡hall laugh; theLordjball have them in derifion : He fees how poor, how inconfiderable, thefe motions and commo., riots, both of the Many and of the Mightyd,;are , to give check to'that Decree of his Almightitiefs, tojet his Son upon the Holy Hill of ,lion.' ,Eliphaz hath nöt yet done with his defcription of the impotent rage of man again(} the Almighty -God.. O ,finful T 2 vain