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r5s) Chapss. 4n:Expofition upon the Book of J O B. Veri 27, y furunwaxedfat, andkicked, The Lord complains of this, as of a fin , which he fcarce knew how to pardon(Jer. 5. 7.) .Flowfhall ¡pardon theefor this ? Thy Children haveforfake,n me, &c,When I hadfed them to the full,they then committedAdulte. ry,and affembled themfelves by Troops in thelfarlots hoofs.Thofe are great fins indeed, which put the Lord ( whole title is, The Godpardoning fin , and ready to forgive) into a Query about their pardon and forgivenefs. Such kinde of finning made Je- rufalem a Sifter toSodom ; that is, as like Sodom, yea, and Sa- maria too, as if they had been one Mothers Daughters, or as if theyhad been of one and the felf fame blood, and flock, (Ezek. 16.49.) Behold this was the iniquity of thyfiller Sodom, pride, fulnefs ofbread, and abundance ofidlenefs was in her,and in her Daughters : Plenty of the Creature, and plenty of fin, went together, and whereas Jerufalem fhould have ferved God , the ferved her lofts in the abundance of all things. We have a Paying, when menare lifted up upon the enjoyment of outward good things (in allufion toBeafis ) Provender pricks theme They aa more like Beafts than Men, who kick againfi God, who feeds them, and turn his bread of ble(l'rngs into the (tones of difobedience. What outward good thing will not an evil heart ablate, and waxwantonwith , when it is fo apt to ablate fpirítual things, and to turn the Grace of Godinto lafcivioufnefs, that is, to grow wanton and lafcivious, be- ,caufe God is gracious ? ThirdlyObferve. They take little care for their Souls, who take over-much for their bodies : They whodefire to pleafe appetite , cannot en- deavour to pleafe God, When the Apoftle exhorts to put on the Lord Jefus, he dehorts from providing for the'flefh ( Rom. 13 .14,) Putye on the Lord Jefus Chrifl, andmake not provifionfor the flefh tofulfil the lull: thereof As ifhehad:&id, uniefs you forbear providing for lufis , you Will have little leafure, and lefs defire to put onChrifi. (Ephef. 5 t 8. ) Be not drunk with Wine wherein is excels' ( that is , be not inordi- nate in the ufeof the Creature ) but be`fiffecfrvith theSpirit ifhe had laid, Tou will never be filled with the Spirit, if over- filled with Wine, ifyou give upyourfelves to' fatÿsfie carnalap- petite,youwill not have any appetiteat all to fpirituals; There is an inward gluttony and drupkennefs, when the thoughts'run upon