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Chap. r 5. An Expofttion upon the Book of J p B. . VerCS. man owns tome lin in a fpecial manner ; though a corrupt heart hath a relation to all the fins in the world, yet forne one is his beloved fin ; and may be called by way of eminencie, his iniquity. 'Tis his, as his Houfes and Lands , as the Money in his l'urfe, and the Garments onhis Back are his. Ob(erve Thirdly, Every man is molt ready to ai and ut- ter his fpecial iniquity : Thy mouth uttereth thine iniquity. There are forne fins in a mans heart , which poflibly , he may never utter all his days : but he mull be talking of , or acing his beloved one. Hence David fpeaks it, as a high work of grace in him, (Pfal, 18. 23.) I have kept my felf frommine iniquity : Even a Godly man who difowns every fin , hash tome one fn more his own than others. This finds him work ( not to do it,) but to keep himfelf from doing it. find thou chafeft the tongue of the crafty : As if he had Paid , thou waft wont to fpeakprayer , now thou fpeakefi policie, thou dealell cunningly and deceitfully with us , not plainly and clearly. Why , what had job fpo- ken or done, that should gain him the difreputation of a Graf. tyman; forne conceive Eliphaz hinting at thofe words( Chap. 6.24.) Teach me, and I will boldmy. tongue, &c. Thou fpeakeft as it thou wert willing tobe taught, (hewme my errour, and I will turn from it ; yet this is from craft not from confci- cnce. For though thou feemeft tobe willing to receive infiru- dion, yet thou keepcft clofe to thy opinion, and wilt not part from it. We (hall fometimes hear a man (peaking very in- genuoufiy, convince me that I am in an errour, and I will re- Linguapro do lir, uifh it and yet he refolves to hold his own. To delire thine Dietary. s mice, cauta intirubion is grown intoa complement ; but'tis by the tongue vet ¡Omen. of the crafty : The infirument is here put for the of c t, the "Pro e fefiu tongue for fpeech, as Ifa.5o,,}. Thou haft givenme the tongue of the learned, what to do, That I may know to (peak a word in feafon. Lindu:erudite veldnfirina. Again, the word Crafty , is taken in a good fence , by forne rum,í. e.erudi.. Interpreters. So the tongue of the crafty is the tongue of the tefopienter, wife ; as if he had faid, thou feemeft to (peak very wifely, Drente,fcavi- foberly and holily ; others render it thus, Thou fhouldelt have (alto, fa. chofen the tongue ofthe wife; that is,thou thouldetl havefpoken su as more